I’ve lived a sheltered working life. Even though my days are long and pay is short, I have always worked at home. In well over thirty years I have had only 2 sick days. If I am “under the weather”, I can wear a bathrobe. If it’s snowing, I have no car to clean off and no treacherous roads to navigate.

My husband has taken some vacation time at our “camp” this summer and I have had the opportunity to be a commuter. I’ve been driving about 40 minutes from New York State to my home to be there early in the morning for my day care kids. (I really dislike the heat and humidity and opted to work in an air-conditioned environment rather than play in the heat.)

It is good to try new things and I have a greater respect for all you commuters now. My dog doesn’t care for commuting since he likes to sleep in until 7:00 am. At least he doesn’t have to drive. The old thought wheels turn in my head especially in the morning and it’s creepy when I realize there are sections of roadway that I do not recall driving through. My hands are at 10 o’clock and 2 o’clock and my posture is erect so I know my driving is defensive BUT was I careful enough? The early morning trek is through rural areas and I am super vigilant about deer on the move. If I were to drive that road everyday, I am sure the idea of “if” I hit a deer would change to “when” I would. Luckily the summer commute takes place after sunrise.

My boasts of a perfect driving record carry little weight for me now. How many hours have I really driven? How many chances have I been forced to take? Yikes! I think I’ll keep my mouth shut and leave the driving to you.