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SoCS- April 29, 2023 Being Happy

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “yes.” Find a word that starts with “yes” or use the word “yes” as is. Bonus points if you start your post with the word you choose. Enjoy!

I’m saying “yes” to my own happiness today. I have to say it out loud now and then.
Once in a while, the weight of the world gets to be too heavy. Isn’t that silly? I’m not in charge of the world.
I can’t even decide what to make for supper most days. LOL
The good news is that I feel happy 98% of the time anyway. As critical as I am about “goings on”, I’m still pausing to dance every day and especially in the Spring, I’m planting seeds (which are metaphors for hope) more than ever.
Prayer has become important to me. It’s a reminder that I cannot take credit or have I any responsibility for stuff beyond my control. I’m not fond of those who feel prayer is the only answer to everything or an excuse to not take an active part in life. But prayer is a way to rest in comfort and recharge. There’s no chance expressing gratitude is ever wasted.
I pray y’all have a happy day. It’s going to be okay.

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Stream of Consciousness Saturday 2-25-23 Love’s a Gift but Peace is a Prize

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “prize.” Use it as a noun or a verb; use it any way you’d like. Have fun!

To me, the ultimate ‘prize‘ is ‘peace’.
Some might say it should be ‘love’ and not ‘peace’.
Since I believe the ability to ‘love’ comes from God, I ‘see’ that as a precious ‘gift’ not a ‘prize’. But peace is not guaranteed in our world. The feeling of peace can happen when we least expect it. Some who are overwhelmed with troubles would likely even notice moments of peace more readily than those of us who have come to expect it in our everyday lives.
I believe animals not only offer us moments of warmth, but they actually are more in-touch with peace. Peace is the absence (however brief) of their struggles for survival. It can present itself in moments of safety or, in the case of domesticated animals, as an impression of a life in safe surroundings.
IMHO…Peace is often overlooked and under appreciated by human beings until we lose it. (Not unlike freedom.)
I prize peace more than all other things.

Happy Saturday everyone! May peace be with you today.

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Sunday Poser #109- Looking Good

Looking good; Is it vanity or a requirement?

Oh my! This is right up my alley but not the way you might expect.

My attire is 98% about my own comfort. When I’m occasionally color coordinated, it’s a happy accident.

I maintain a good hygiene practice of combing my hair and washing my face, etc. BUT I care not one-bit what others think of me beyond that. I can go all week without looking into a mirror. LOL

In order to show respect, I do “dress-up” for weddings, funerals, and public functions but ordinarily I’m comfortable. My life is more of an internal existence so my outward appearance (which I deem a display for the public) is not of any importance to me.

Those who do look nice are a pleasure to behold yet there are many who seem to try too hard and are (unintentionally) off-putting. “Ladies, you’re beautiful just the way you are!”
If people seem happy and comfortable, any direct focus on their attire doesn’t even register.

LOL… I’m a terrible confidant for those who wish to discuss things that I don’t even notice. People’s weight, new shoes, and hair styles aren’t important to me. Let me tell you about their easy smile or direct eye contact. Those are the things that impress me.

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Marriage: Just What’s in the Cards?

A standard deck of 52 playing cards was hanging out on a lovely table in a  worn but comfortable case when a deck of Star Wars collector cards came along. The Star Wars cards were the same size and weight as the playing cards.

“We know you play rummy and it’s a popular game indeed. You get to have a fine cover and are better cared for than we because Star Wars cards are not as popular. Actually, we are just starting to become noticed and desire the same treatment as you. Being kept in a case and played on a felt table is the dream of all cards. It is the best way for cards to be treated.”

The 52 looked at the Star Wars cards. “I had not realized that all cards were not cared for in the same manner. You certainly deserve fine treatment. Come sit beside me. I’d like to help you find a nice case to hold you too.”

The Star Wars cards frowned. “I want to be just like you. Let me slip into your deck and share YOUR case.”

“I don’t understand?” said 52. “If you slip into my deck all the rules will change. I will have to become crowded and the old games, that I love, will take on a new meaning. The new games will take years to develop and we will both lose our original identity.”

“I don’t care. I am as valuable as you and want what you have, NOW. You are so arrogant 52. If you do not give me your comfort, I must assume that you just hate Star Wars cards. I thought you were nice?”

“Please, it is unkind of you to think in order to have a nice case and fine table that you need to take mine. I would be happy to help you establish your own table and I want you to know all the same “card comforts” that I enjoy. But taking mine is not the answer. I’m comfortable with rummy and, in time, you will be comfortable with your own game.”

The Star Wars cards stormed off while calling 52 a prejudiced, selfish deck.

The End

BTW- The Star Wars cards went to court and were awarded occupancy in 52’s case, at least in Massachusetts. Needless to say, 52 decks everywhere are angry and no one is exactly sure how to play rummy in Massachusetts. At the very least, the games are way more complicated now.

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I felt peculiar this morning as I climbed from the box that had sheltered me from the rain. Dampness lay all around yet I was warm and dry. The breaking day made the sky a color that has no name…orangey,pinkish,purple, is all I can say. I had no idea if I were dreaming or if the world had tipped and started a new. There in the corner of the alley was my old companion. She lay so still that I may not have noticed her if not for the patch of white in her hair. As I approached her I could see the ever so slight heaving of her chest that indicates life still occupied her corner. A tiny infant lay sleeping beside her untouched and unaware of the harsh reality we call life.

Memories of such comfort flooded my body and I shivered quite violently for several moments. The new mother opened her eyes and purred. All was well for THAT moment. There would be shuffling feet, clanging garbage cans and traffic, as the story goes for the homeless. The infant would know hunger and cruelty all too soon.

Eyes still shut and innocence blanketing her, she suckled blissfully ignorant next to her mother. All was well…

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Facebook and Friends

I realized this morning that the most beautiful gifts from others are words of encouragement.

Facebook gets some very bad press. Yes, there is always a bad side to good things but I’d like to discuss the good side for a moment.

Our busy lives have distanced us from loved ones and friends. Through Facebook, I have reconnected with former schoolmates and distant family. I’ve made a few new friends too. This medium has had a profound effect on the quality of my life.

I’ve met people who would be otherwise housebound and alone if not for computer socializing. Online relationships give us a chance to see people as they are, beautiful souls with encouraging words, insightful comments and something to share.

I am thankful to all my Facebook family for reminding me to offer encouragement to others, as often as I can, whether they are “in person” or online. Your comments have given me comfort and I believe it is very important to pass this on.

We’re all in this together my friends 🙂