Reena’s Xploration Challenge #270- Ghosting Rarer Souls

I’ve been having a great deal of fun with triolets lately. I created one for this beautiful prompt image.

How varied the colors our eyes comprehend,
Ghosting rarer souls from our clear ‘view’.
Appearance defines not one person, my friend.
How varied the colors our eyes comprehend.

Unique among billions. Diverse without end.
Human ‘ranking’ – corrupt and untrue.
How varied the colors our eyes comprehend,
Ghosting rarer souls from our clear ‘view’.

Random word Story # 9 ~Sausages at the Road Kill Cafe’

Random words generated by

Rules for this exercise:

  • create a story from 5 random words in one sitting
  • use the words generated-no substitutions


Here’s my story:

The grease spattered as it danced on the hot griddle. Earl used to spit on the grill, to test it, but now-a-days that would not do.

“Two over medium with browns and links.”

Kim pinned up the slip and spun it toward the kitchen. Earl just grunted. He pulled on one sausage link and the others “followed the leader” out of the tray. He liked to fold them back and forth like stairs across the grill. Heck, entertainment was almost non-existent at the Road Kill Cafe’. Might as well have a little fun.

The regulars sat in a ring around the banquet table every Sunday. Today, was no exception.

“He sure is a funny looking feller that Earl. Bald as a cue ball with them there, black as coal, bushy eyebrows . I seed him at the barber twice this month. Has to so them eyebrows won’t hang in his eyes. Garth says he dulls one pair of clippers every six months with them steely creepy things.”

” No one knows where he’s from either. Showed up ’bout 10 years back. Said he bought this place cash from Dunny Brown. Ain’t no one ever heard from Dunny since.”

“Keeps to hisself is all.”

Kim made her usual round with a pot for coffee refills.

“You fellas discussing Earl again? Ain’t you got nuthin’ better ta do?”

The five old men answered “No” in unison. Kim turned and made her way toward the counter shaking her head as she went.

“There’s somethin’ unnatural ’bout him jus the same Ben. Reminds me of that Twilight Zone where the alien jus shows up and pretends to be a real person ’til his monster kin can come fer him.”

“You talkin’ flyin’ saucer talk agin Pete? Geez, you better git yourself a fishin’ license or a job!”

Earl knew those good ole boys real well and also knew their favorite topic. It didn’t bother him at all. Who’d believe five old fuddie-duddies? One day when he returned home, they’d just figure he’d moved on. In the meantime, he liked playing human. He found them almost as entertaining as sausages.

Zabby Eight Update 2/18/11

Something very cool has happened! I was never able to actually see Katherine’s imaginary friends but now I can catch a flash of color if they are around.

I asked Katherine if she noticed a purple streak pass through the room.

” That’s Zabby all right Grandma. Watch.” Katherine turned off the kitchen light and pointed to the floor. ” See? There are her purple footprints on the floor. They glow in the dark.”

” That is so cool! Why is Zabby here today Katherine?”

” The bowling alley is closed on Wednesdays. She has the day off. Look Grandma, there’s a green streak.”

” I’ll bet that Alodda is here too! Green is her favorite color.”

Katherine turned out the light again and pointed to the floor. “Yup, you’re right Grandma. Alodda came over.”

Then I asked,” Where’s Arthur?”

“His swimming class isn’t going very well so he may come by too. Watch for a silver and gold streak and that will be Arthur.”

You can’t imagine how much fun it is watching for colors.

Meanwhile, Kat told me something else that I hadn’t considered. She said that real people read stories about imaginary people and imaginary people read stories about real ones.

I wonder if I leave a glowing color? I’ll ask the expert named Katherine and get back to you.

My Colorful Question

My Colorful Question

Gray is cool.

Red’s for stop.

Yellow sunny

Lemon drop.

Green is mowing.

Black is sleek.

Pink is ” kiss me

On the cheek”.

Orange cleanses.

Aqua marine.

Silver is metal.

White can’t be seen.

Brown is earthy.

Smells like moss.

Gold is glitter

And a gloss.

Lime taste of sour.

Chartreuse  delight.

Nose is Maroon.

Sniffles at night.

Emerald rich color.

Ruby a gem.

Diamonds are clearly

Not one of them.

Peach is a flavor.

It goes well with Cream.

Coffee excluded.

Sweet cloudy dream.

Purple a plum fruit.

Sassy sort of hue.

The only thing I can’t explain.

Why is sadness Blue?