Meme Of The Week – July 26, 2021

I get a BIG kick out of memes. I know, many criticize them as lazy, fake news, and ‘mean’ but those people are humorless and overly sensitive, in my opinion.
Sometimes, memes are inspirational, and sometimes they’re satirical but most, of those that I enjoy, are just darn clever!
I can’t share every one so I just grabbed the first one that made me chuckle.
Here goes with my first one of (what I intend to be) a weekly addition to my stream.
Thanks for stopping by.

May be an image of text that says 'I don't know who needs to see this but IT'S OKAY τO FALL APART SOME TIMES -TACOS DO, & WE STILL LOVE THEM'

My Childhood Idols

He was only a TV character but he was my idea of COOL.

Actually, I wasn’t a small child. I believe I was 17. I would never miss an episode of Rockford Files.

James Garner was a favorite actor of mine since the Maverick series. That too had the same flare. He was a clever, problem solving,rule bending, good hearted guy.

Maverick and Rockford had only a few close friends…people who could communicate with them on a special level.

I remember having a dream in which I was being pursued by a “bad guy”. My nightmare turned into an exciting adventure when (still in my dream) I imagined “What would Rockford do?”. My fear turned into cunning and I prevailed.

My idols have always been those who were uniquely clever and could “think” a way out of trouble. I know there is also something about a loner/emotionally distant person that I find fascinating but “why?” I don’t know. I guess to be considered a friend of theirs was a challenge difficult enough to be fun… a prize only few could earn.

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