The Question Mark Tree

question tree 1


Carmella May Sweet,

Climbed to her seat,

Up in the Question Mark tree.

She was given a task,

Her teacher had asked,

Just what she wanted to be?

As she wondered, “Why?”

Her brother played spy,

Watching her, way down below.

Grandma came home,

Daddy dug loam,

Her thinking was sorrily slow.

A small forest newt,

In a bright red suit,

Crawled happily in the shade.

Carmella knew,

The day would be through,

Before her decision was made.

The farmer next door,

 Swept his barn floor.

As daylight turned to dark.

Suppertime near,

No answer yet clear,

Her dog was beginning to bark.

All day had passed.

She walked home at last.

Troubled ’bout who she would be.

Homework undone,

She started to run,

An answer came through suddenly.

No need to decide,

But simply take pride.

In all that she is everyday.

So much of what’s you,

Is more than you do.

So this is all she could say:

I’m a sister, granddaughter, daughter and friend.

A neighbor, love Nature, these things have no end.

I think I’ll simply wait and see.

For now, I like just being me.

Jump Up

I want to jump

And not come down.

Floating way

Above the ground.

My sneakers staying

ever new.

With power packs for

Flying too.

I’d move my arms

Like when I swim.

 Won’t have to take

The bus again.

At my school

I’d be above,

All those lines

And every shove.

“Slam dunk” champ.

No skinned knees,

Saving kites

Caught up in trees.

 I’ll sleep on clouds

No lumpy bed.

The moon, my nightlight,


At supper time,

My Mom throws up,

A dinner plate,

My meal and cup.

Untie my shoes

And I’ll come down.

When I get lonesome

For the ground.

I’ll take my bath,

Pick up my clothes.

And get some mud

Between my toes.

I won’t stay long,

I love the air.

Most my time,

I’ll be up there.