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Cee’s Midweek Madness- Index Finger- Let’s Be Friends

Since this is the 5th week in May, the topic is Iris, Ice, Independent or Index Finger.

This photo was one that I took when my oldest granddaughter was just a toddler. I cropped it for an up-close focus on her ability to befriend frogs at our camp. The second photo is the original whole event that I captured.

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Two for Tuesday- My Granddaughters

Paula,, promotes this prompt Two for Tuesday.

I have two granddaughters and decided to showcase them today.

Katherine, aka My Girlfriend, will be 18 in September. She was my first grandchild. When Kat was born, her dad was preparing to ship off for Iraq with his National Guard unit. He was still in the States a few hours away but not present for the birth. Luckily, he was granted a few days to come home to meet her, then was off on duty for her first year and a half. I was present for her birth and got to “cut the cord”. She’s the ‘little one’ in my logo and on my site.
Her parents-my daughter and son-in-law- are excellent parents. Their girls are into softball, band, and camping/homesteading.
My youngest granddaughter, Evelyn, aka Boobles, came 7 years after Kat. Her dad was home for her birth.
We are an extremely close family who see each other almost every day and camp together in the summer.
Kat just went to a senior prom with her boyfriend who’ll be heading into basic training for the Air Force in July.
Evelyn and I see each other every day when I get her aboard and take her off of the school bus. She and I have been writing a children’s book together. I homeschooled both girls during “the pandemic” and will have Evelyn full-time for homeschool in the near future when her teachers no longer are trustworthy ones according to her parents’ assessment.
I’m blessed beyond words.

Katherine a couple of years ago.
Evelyn at camp last summer.
Their family this Spring at camp.
My girls and me on Christmas Eve 2022.

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d’Verse Haibun Monday 3/27/23- Waking Up

Write a haibun that alludes to pressure.

The time is approaching quickly when my husband and I will take the first trip of the year to our forest camp. With fingers crossed we’ll ride anxiously to our happy place in the woods. Our annual jitters will be a mixture of excitement and apprehension over what we may find there as the winter weather pressures on our structures have on occasion caused some damage in the past. No doubt the quaint forest landscape will just be awakening and will be suffering from a case of ‘bed head’ from its tumultuous hibernation.
Clearing fallen branches (possibly trees), restacking stonewalls, and raking rotted leaves will be our first order of business. Meanwhile the earliest ferns and wildflowers will secretly rejoice from our efforts.
Only in a week or two, they’ll most certainly be greeting us in our arrivals donning their new Spring attire.

Spring sprouts nudged by warmth,
Frozen earth gently softens.
“Wake up and get dressed!”

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Sunday Poser #73- Easy Does It

Sadje has invited us to respond to her Sunday Poser Question.

I don’t know if I got used to not keeping a schedule before I did childcare for the better part of my life, or childcare inspired me not to keep a strict routine.
When I recall how ‘last minute’ I was with school assignments, I’m inclined to think it’s the former. It may seem odd to care for kids and NOT have a routine. I’m sure some people do. But kids live life ‘in the moment’. Appreciating that myself, is probably why I was drawn to kids (and all kinds of animals). What I’m doing at any given moment is the most interesting thing.
I joined a bowling team once… having to be there at a specific time was just too much for me! That experiment lasted two weeks. LOL
I can’t imagine watching a backhoe digging in the driveway and breaking away from that interesting experience according to the demands of a clock. Deadlines, schedules, and routines ruin my life experiences more often than enhance them. I’m oddly very punctual at scheduled events. (I just want to get them over with, as soon as, possible.)
When my husband and I are at our camp, guess when we eat meals? When we feel hungry, of course. Because we’re happily busy there, it’s most often, only once a day and likely not together. We’ll enjoy a few adult beverages at day’s end together though. Day’s end isn’t even a specific time. 😉
I take blogging the same way. Some days it’s one fun ‘write’ after another, and other days, something else captures my attention. (I don’t have ADD or Autism. I’ve checked. lol)
I can leave blogging alone for extended periods, like weeks or even months. Actually, rediscovering it after a long absence, is its own kind of fun.
I hope this post serves my blogging friends as a warning. If I don’t respond to a comment, I’m not ignoring you. I haven’t seen it yet. 😀

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Weekly Smile 7/19/21 Sun-ripened Sweetness

This week was a continuance of an especially rainy July. My vacation time fell during that spell, of course. It didn’t disappoint as much as you may imagine, though.
Rainy days are slow and easy. They certainly curtail lawnmowing and other strenuous chores so relaxation is served on a platter.
Reading, listening to podcasts, and chatting filled most of my time.
Our gardens are growing like gangbusters too!
But I noticed that there’s one thing seriously missing when the sun doesn’t shine.
The term “Sun-ripened for sweetness” is no joke. Our raspberries are large, plentiful, and juicy but very tart!
Now, our Concord grapes are coming on in a bumper crop from the rain. Yet, I’m worried that their flavor will not be excellent if Mr. Sunshine doesn’t get after them in August. My fingers are crossed!
The Weekly Smile for the 19th of July, 2021 #weeklysmile | Trent’s World (the Blog) (

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Weekly Smile 5/17/21 Lovely Weekend

We finally got a Friday night through Sunday at our woodland campsite.
It felt wonderful!

The crabapple trees are flowering and humming with honeybees.

Spring flowers everywhere.

violets and forget-me-nots

The frogs are happily living around our little pond.

I found some trillium and a Jack-in-the-pulpit.

frog 2021

And? When I decided to look for my first 4-leafed clover all I had to do was look down and there it was.

4 leafed clover

The sounds of gray tree frogs, pileated woodpeckers, and the Spring run-off were music to my ears.
This is my favorite time of year!


The Weekly Smile for the 17th of May, 2021 #weeklysmile | Trent’s World (the Blog) (