Schools-what do we learn?

homeschooling afternoon
homeschooling afternoon (Photo credit: hbakkh)

There is an urban myth that public schooling is the best method by which we can teach children social skills. In fact, that is the primary argument against home-schooling. I beg to differ.

There’s a growing concern that public schools are failing our kids in a BIG way. There are many dedicated teachers, who do an excellent job, but the teachers’ unions protect not only the good teachers but the bad ones too.

When we are faced with the expensive and ,I believe, better alternative of home-schooling, there is the concern about the proper “socialization” of these kids.

We don’t do “sex education” before we feel a child is mature enough but we send kids off to school, at a tender age, for their first exposure to bullies, ridicule and peer pressure. They will be measured by grades and learning styles and will be kept in the classroom for the great majority of their learning experience. Hopefully, this classroom will have an orderly atmosphere and a small group but that is not guaranteed. Actually, it’s a “crap shoot” that your child’s classmates will be a “good” group. Sometimes, there is a larger number of “mis-behavers” and that is simply up to chance and timing. Teachers are not to blame,at all, but ask them and they will volunteer, readily, their memories of “good groups”.

A home-schooled child can visit real-life situations (grocery stores, parks, libraries etc.), as often as, Mom or Dad deems necessary. A “busy” child can be offered hands-on experiences and more breaks, as often as, he/she needs and the parent can correct bad manners as they present themselves in those real life situations.

There are youth sports and music organizations, available to the public, for the lessons needed in cooperation, and the taking of instruction from authority figures other than parents. The education is ongoing, year round, when the “teachers” are always present and fully aware of the curriculum.

It is so very sad that most parents haven’t the option of home-schooling. I do expect a growing trend of home-schooling, though. Families may re-evaluate the need and budget in a way to make it happen. Actually, the current stress on incomes causing grandparents to become household members, may offer them as home-school teachers or helpers with the family budget, affording parents the chance to teach.

The whole idea of home-schooling being a poor option is simply, not true, and cannot be supported by urban legends.

Those who have the ability and means to do it, have my thumbs up.

Working for Nothing in Massachusetts

English: Seal of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts
English: Seal of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many people, getting public assistance, need it.

Many people, who are working, are barely able to maintain a comfortable existence.

The cost of food is rising faster than most wages.

Income and property taxes are paid by people who are working and those who have property.

Some people, who receive a kind of public assistance, have property.

Taxes are the primary revenue that supports the cost of public assistance.

Do all those statements appear to be fair and true?

Accepting them as true, what happens when our national debt requires the Federal Government to raise taxes and (hopefully) spend less? Our Federal government is capable of raising taxes directly, and indirectly. Directly, is what you have noticed in your most recent pay checks. Indirectly, happens when State and City governments get fewer Federal grants as the spending is cut back. The cities have become accustomed to receiving those grants to the point of relying upon them. State and City/Town budgets suddenly find themselves over, an emptying, barrel from their dependence upon grants. (Makes me wonder about the intelligence of those who create State and city budgets.)

So? There is a scramble to get more money! Where will they get it? Ah ha! “Let’s get Mikey! He owns property.”

Up go the property taxes and property owners are going to be digging deeper. Sucks to own things sometimes! The property owner, not only, has the burden of increased food costs, smaller paychecks, and higher bills for their property… they are getting out of bed and going to work for those burdens, most of which, would go away if they didn’t bother.

Then, the State realizes food is costing more. The decision is made to increase the amount allotted for food stamps.

Uh oh, State taxes and fees are going to go up for food stamp support!

Well, at least sales tax helps create revenue and is paid by every consumer. Sales taxes are the fairest way to get money from everyone because the cross hairs aren’t on any one sector or what you have saved.

Hello! Thought you might want to know that there is a rumor, the State of Massachusetts is considering lowering the state sales tax. What the heck?

I ask you to consider who will pay for the loss of sales tax revenue?

My title makes all kind of sense, now, doesn’t it?