Quadrille Monday- d’Verse Poets Pub~ Dare To Define Yourself

It’s Quadrille Monday! Are you here to play?  
Just 44 words is all you have to say. 
Include a word we choose. Yep! that’s the game. 
Now, come and poem your way to Quadrille fame! 
The word is BOTHER.

Dare To Define Yourself

You’ll build a ‘safe space’,
It’s called self-esteem.
Pursue your own business,
Your life : Your dream.

Reject unkind comments.
Their problem. Who cares?
Don’t bother to focus
On others’ affairs.

Not here to force,
Belittle, or preach.
Keep seeking balance,
Define your own reach.

(44 words)
Quadrille #126 – Come “bother” up a poem | dVerse (dversepoets.com)