Question Time Over Coffee- 11-12-22

I normally don’t have time to answer questions, but I thought these questions were cool and wanted to play along.

1.You have 11 minutes free time, how do you spend it best with regards entertainment?

Frequently I use little segments of time to read and respond to other writers’ posts. I feel terribly guilty if I don’t get to respond to as many as possible.

2.Are you a fan of feet either yours or others or are you averse to feet?
Why and why?

I don’t have an opinion on feet. But I was that kid who went barefooted any chance I got. Once I started providing childcare when I was 19, I went the other way. I still put my shoes on first thing each day having been formally trained to by the frequency with which kids stepped on my feet! This is proof of how well negative reinforcement works.

3. When you are wrong and you know you are wrong do you admit to being wrong or try and find a right for your wrong?

I certainly will do that. I can’t say that I feel compelled to do that often, though. The reason that’s the case is not from feeling I’m always right but from constantly thinking about and researching ideas to the point that I find it hard to accept the “facts” that others offer conclusive enough as proof. So, if I do something ‘dumb’, I willingly admit I was wrong, but if we’re discussing a topic that I’ve researched and thought about, you may have your ‘hands full’ convincing me. I’m happy to acknowledge good points but unless those points are earth shaking and change the whole dynamic, I won’t be claiming I’m in error.

4. Are you more of a night owl or a morning lark?
I’m definitely at my best in the morning.

5.Do you listen to audiobooks and if so what is the appeal? How many do you get through every month?

I wholeheartedly prefer to hold a book in my hands! BUT recently I experienced an audio book from necessity. When I talk about the book, I can’t even use the term “read it” because it feels like I cheated. My need for audio was inspired by a lack of actual ‘sit down’ time. The audio book allowed me to work around my house as I consumed the content.

6. Do you bore quickly and if so why and how do you combat it and if not, how do you avoid that boredom?
I am never at a loss for a project or task while I’m alone. The situations that bore me are always in the company of others. Small talk and gossip ruin my day because “I’m not interested.” and all I do is daydream about finding my alone space again quickly.

7.What is one thing that you wish your readers knew about you and your blog?
If the readers haven’t taken a peek at my “About” page, they may not realize that I write primarily for myself and my granddaughters. I enjoy feedback of course but I’m not talking to the world, I’m talking to them.

8. What items do you have on the top shelf of your fridge right now, today?
By shelf, I assume this means inside of my fridge. A gallon of milk and assorted condiments take up that area.

9. Are you able to stand on one leg for 25 seconds?

10. What are your favorited book titles from the following six categories?
[One item only per genre please – use alternative genre if first choice is not your style]

Comedy or Children’s literature– The Jungle Books (not just for kids)
Horror or Historical Fiction -Year of Wonders (Historical Fiction)
Mystery or MemoirHighest Duty: My Search for What Really Matters written by Chesley Sullenberger (memoir)
Thriller or Adventure Intensity- Dean Koontz (thriller)
Romance or Poetry
Collected Works of Robert Frost
Fantasy or Sci-Fi The Illustrated Man by Ray Bradbury (sci-fi)

11. What twelve items would you take to a deserted island if you were going to be stranded there for twelve months and why those items – how are they functional to your survival?
A gun with lots of ammo
A large amount of writing materials
Paint, brushes, and canvases
Fishing equipment
Lighters- lots of them
Several books
Nylon cord -100s of yards
12 months of potable water
Several Tarps
Canned meat and fruit
First aid supplies

12.Does the society of today need social media platforms? Are they dying – as is suggested – off or are people simply after something else that is socially oriented but more personable?

I think if they disappeared forever, we’d all be better off. “Social Media” is an oxymoron. There’s nothing ‘social’ in ‘media’. From what I’ve been witnessing lately, more reading, thinking, and personal human contact, would be of great benefit. Paying more attention to the people and things that really matter might do wonders.

Reena’s Xploration Challenge #251- See You on the Flipside

The word prompt for this week is

Jamais Vu

It is the opposite of Deja Vu.

Aqua: Beautiful hyperrealistic paintings of bathing women by Reisha Perlmutter

She’d nearly drowned, or so her mother had told her, and now she was parked outside of her “home”.
Cloris had no memory of the event that had hospitalized her for a month. She was assured that not remembering traumatic experiences was completely normal. It was the way the mind protects itself. This memory void would definitely take getting used to.
Mama led her through the front door, and she stumbled almost falling flat on her face.

“Oh! You forgot to step down. Are you okay dear?”

“Step down? Yeah, I’m okay.”

“Daddy thought he was being artful when he created that dropdown entryway last year. Now, I have to warn anyone who doesn’t expect it! There’ll come a time we’re sued, and then I’ll get a BIG ‘I told ya so!’ moment, for sure.”

A marmalade-colored cat suddenly rushed at Cloris weaving itself in and out of her legs purring loudly.

“Thomas missed you so much, Honey. See how much weight he’s lost?”

“Um… he looks okay to me.” Cloris always loved cats, but Thomas? She didn’t know any cat named Thomas. Now things were getting creepy! She decided not to let Mama know just yet and added, “He seems happy now. Poor baby. Mama, I’m tired. Think I’ll take a nap, Okay?”

“Sure sweetie. Go on up to your room and I’ll call when supper’s ready.”

Luckly the stairway stood out directly to her left, because Cloris’ instincts told her it was on the right. She rushed up them quickly finding her room also in a mirror image opposite place from where she had known it.
She quietly latched the door and leaned against it with her eyes closed. When she opened them again, she whispered ‘jamais vu’, this is jamais vu! I’ve read about it.

It was then that she pulled her science fiction books down from her bookshelf looking for the last book she’d read. Cloris was sure she’d learned the term there.

Her rummaging became frantic as she searched for a book still showing her handmade kitty design bookmark. This would be the last book she’d read and the one that would explain what’s going on!

“There! There it is!”

Cloris grabbed it and as she read the jacket, she fainted dead away crashing to the floor.


Do alternate universes exist?
Goldie didn’t think so until she found herself struggling with ‘jamais vu’ and discovered she was WRONG!

Quadrille #148-Papered Poems-Tag Sale Lament

Just pen a poem of precisely 44 words, including some form of the word paper. Link it up by clicking Mr. Linky. Then make your way around to the other posts, to find some of the most talented pen-and-paper-pushers around. The prompt is open for the whole week, so remember to come back and read (and write) some more! 

Tag Sale Lament

In a box… the ‘overlooked’
among the ‘unwanted’, lay in decay.
Once treasured enough to fold and ruin.
Crippled rippled bindings grip
read-worn powdery pages.
Within lives an enduring tale.
But material tours don’t last forever.
One dump-defying last chance …
Paperbacks For Free.


Weekly Smile- Rib-tickling Sleepover


My youngest granddaughter had a sleepover with me on Friday. She’s 8 1/2 and ever since she was a toddler, we’d lie in bed together during a sleepover and make up stories. (We have some great stories and characters that we’ve created through the years. Someday, I’ll share them with you.)
On Friday, we read her new book instead. She had already read it once but when we read the book together, she realized how extra funny it was! Having your Grandma laughing as you read is a real reason to crack up.
It quickly turned into a giggle fest because her new book is HILARIOUS.
Let’s put it this way. One character is a toothbrush who wants to be a dinosaur lawyer.
Did you read that twice?
Ridiculous is an awesome realm for the ‘sillies’!
If you know a kid between 7 and 10, I highly recommend this. Oh yes, read along with her for a BIG SMILE.

Trent’s World (the Blog) |
The Weekly Smile for the Fifth of April, 2021 #weeklysmile | Trent’s World (the Blog)

Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #111~ A Passionate Undoing

The image above is from Celine Ylmz at Unsplash.

Peter couldn’t resist books, especially old books. Their musty aroma stirred comforting emotions and cherished memories of his father’s library where he spent most of his time as a homebound child labeled as ‘retarded’.
So, he wasn’t able to attend any traditional school, like his little sister did, because of what was actually an undiagnosed case of autism, but that didn’t stop him from exploring the world between the covers of books. Those were especially happy and secure years!
But, Peter’s adult life was not as glorious. Although he never left the security of that familiar environment, he hadn’t learned a thing about being social or dealing with a most hectic bustling world. He ended up only inheriting a house and a large collection of books. His grown-up passions encompassed solitude and yard sales. Those two things, and an insatiable quest for ever more books, were his eventual undoing.
Six years ago, his sister surprised him with a visit. She’d married and moved away after their parents passed. He hadn’t seen her in ten years!
She found him literally surrounded by stacks of books. There wasn’t one room or hallway where two people could walk side by side. An expert was called in and his home was declared too hazardous to live in. He was taken, against his will, to a special hospital and his property was disposed of. He was crushed!
But now, Peter has been determined ‘cured’ after those six institutional years and recently has found acceptance in a group home. It’s far better than that hospital and Peter has even forgiven his sister for what he once considered unforgiveable.
Although he is considered a recovering hoarder, Peter has found a way to still collect all the books he desires giving his new life a similar purpose as before. He browses antique bookstores every chance he gets. He enjoys that comforting aroma and delights in new titles. He just carries his phone along and takes photos of the ones he wishes to hang on to.

Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge #111 – This, That, and The Other (

In The Lake of the Woods- Book Review

41E95Y1K45L._SS500_Just finished this book and I’m in the usual fog that follows. Gripping and disturbing are often adjectives applied to books. They fit completely in this case.

There are historical references, many of which I remember in real-time. The old understood fact, that society is forgetful, certainly has me reeling. I had also forgotten those events.

Forgetting is necessary in order to carry on after atrocities. But when we forget, do we place understanding in the hands of historians? Then again, there are some things, like the recent tragedy in a Connecticut school, that can never be understood. It will never be known how many people were wounded…scarred forever, and the lack of understanding of such events fester forever in our subconsciousness. Never Solved…Never Resolved…EVER.

So what do we do? We wait. Time doesn’t ever heal anything. It just allows for those scarred individuals to, one day, all turn to dust and, with them, the direct, hurtfulness of the unimaginable.

This book returns us to the time of the Vietnam War through the life of John Wade. It reintroduced atrocities that have yet, in 2013, to become dust. It skillfully asks the question, How can we forget? It produces characters that are directly and indirectly victims of things that they don’t understand. Most of those things, they don’t want to understand but the effects are real enough to destroy their lives. The horrific ripples are toxic and live on and keep destroying as if the horrors faced are living beasts attached by an umbilical to the witnesses.

Tim O’Brien obviously was/is one of those scarred by the war. He makes a case for living beyond personal nightmares, especially when they are the only ones faced in a lifetime. But John Wade has endured a piling on of nightmares. His hauntings intermingle and grow larger and fiercer with every attempt he makes to forget them. Not having answers, as an adult, is troubling. Needing answers, as a child, can leave a person hopelessly lost.

I couldn’t put this down. I was a deer in the headlights of an oncoming car. Some might say, the ending asks more questions than it gives answers. I believe this book was about the gray area between what is real and what we cannot understand. It certainly made me feel powerless to ever make things right. Happiness is an illusion after tragedy and the best survivors are merely “magicians”.