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Blogtober- Laugh Out Loud- Day 4

I took a high school ‘mini course’ about comedy years ago. Yes, the high school I went to was an excellent one. As seniors, we were allowed to elect courses for our English classes after we each took one quarter on Critical Analysis Writing.
The realization that comedy and tragedy were often separated by a very thin line, always stuck with me.
Across the many years of child family day care, we had a lot of fun. Sometimes, we had some real funnies. Here’s a true tale that fits squarely into that comic/tragic realm.

My husband has his own happy little Christmas Tradition. As Christmas grows close, he likes to sit in our vehicle, after dark, and listen to Christmas Carols while having a few beers. If its snowing, that makes it all the better.
One night, he got his perfect wish and enjoyed his solitary Christmas tribute while stashing his beers in a snowbank beside the truck keeping them icy cold. It was snowing so, when he policed the area before coming indoors, he overlooked a beer.
The next day, a 5, 6, and 7, year old went out beyond our driveway to slide in the brand new snow on my delightfully hilly backyard.
When they came in for cocoa, they were giggling wildly and I smelled a strong odor of beer!
This was that kind of day care moment when your heart stops.
Come to find out, they hadn’t drank any beer but had found the beer and poked at it with a shovel. It was close to frozen and when they punctured it, the beer had sprung a pressurized fountain of foamy spray covering them head to toe.

Imagine the fun I had explaining that reeking odor of beer on the children to their parents!
Just so you know, they ALL laughed out loud.

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Blogtober 2021- October 1st- Halloween Song

I was singing a Halloween song to my granddaughter this morning. It’s been an October tradition since forever.
I learned it in school during the 1960’s and never forgot it. That’s a tribute to the memorization practices for school kids way back when.
On a chance, I looked for it on YouTube and found it!
Apparently, other Baby Boomers also remembered that song and requested it.
Today, I also happened upon Blogtober through a fellow blogger’s post. I had no idea it existed and was very pleased to hop onboard.
Well, good things always seem to come in three’s so, perhaps, I should look for something else before day’s end. Wish me luck!
Happy October! I hope you enjoy the song. 🙂