Weekend Writing Prompt # 269- Variation- What Matters?

The mother smothered her terrified baby in her bosom and sobbed right after the Good Samaritan, who had caught him, regained his balance.
Murmured reactions to the two-story fall had many variations.
“She’s probably on drugs.”
“Toddlers can surprise the best of us.”
“The landlord should be sued!”
But the only reaction that mattered was from that stranger who had raced to the rescue then moved along.



E.M.’s RWP- #179 Massacre- Arming Good

Today’s Random Word is: massacre

No one denies that Evil exists
But some act surprised
And just shake their fists

Massacres happen when good is outnumbered
It’s always been true
When the ‘just’ are encumbered

We can fortify Good with equal brute force
Or shame the ‘soldiers’
And make matters worse

Tragedy’s cowardice cloaked in what’s ‘kind’
Battles aren’t won
From that soft state of mind

Self-importance inspires those prone to blame
But heroes get busy
Aren’t selfish nor vain.

The meek, oh so precious: none should be harmed
Massacre’s ordained
Whenever Good is disarmed.


Let’s Investigate- Just a few Thoughts

See the source image

Correlation is a relationship between two variables; when one variable changes, the other variable also changes. Causation is when there is a real-world explanation for why this is logically happening; it implies a cause and effect. So: causation is correlation with a reason.

There you have it.
A definition for the troubles afflicting our society.

The final word ‘reason’. Is a heavy one. It’s something a person ‘does’, as well as, the decided culprit or impetus for a result.
“I reasoned that the reason/cause for my lateness to work was the heavy traffic.”

But, can anything be honestly boiled down to a single cause? Well, reasoning further, takes effort and time. We humans tend to grab the closest correlation then carry on with our busy lives.

An investigation, that is, an intellectually honest one (not the political clown shows we’ve been seeing) might come up with other correlations to the the same problem of being late for work. Sometimes there are so many that a direct ’cause’ isn’t clear. Let’s take a look…

Things the person who was late for work might ask:

Was I up later than usual last night and, therefore, moving more slowly this morning?
Did I respond to my alarm clock the first time?
Had I laid, or should I have, laid out my clothes and made my lunch last night?
Had I forgotten it was a long weekend and the traffic was predictably heavier?
Etc. Etc. Etc.

The heavy traffic may have had less to do as a ’cause’ than the person thinks?
But, certainly, blaming the heavy traffic was something tangible and easier to concluded. It was so easy that ‘being late’ could be excused and forgotten.

When it comes down to it, there are few problems that can be reduced to a single ’cause’. I can’t even imagine one off hand. But in our modern fast paced world people need answers! The simpler the better. This has reduced us to constantly grasping ‘correlations’ as ’causes’.

It would be delightful if problems had clearly defined causes. We’d adjust or eliminate the cause and “voila!”… problem solved.

“Make abortion more accessible, and we’ll have fewer struggling single mothers.”
“Trump caused middle class people to complain. Get rid of him and everyone will get along.” (Hmm… I think they mean ‘go along’?)
“Open our borders and the World’s poor will be better off.”
“Spend more money on inner city schools, and those kids will be able to compete.”

You get my drift (and my political leaning) by now. So, is there something wrong with my reasoning, or is my voting record the ’cause’ of this post?

You decide, if you’re not too busy to investigate.

Victim’s Apprentice

There’s always faults.

YOU are to blame.

Intent assaults

Excuses lame.


There’s no remorse.

What can I do?

My lawyer’s course

Intent to sue.


Don’t have to try

I won’t regret

From loudest cry

The scene is set.


Ask not the rules

You didn’t read?

Fakes and fools

Have rights indeed.


My mind is clear

My solemn vow.

TRUST, my dear,

I own you now.


Your tear stained face.

Wheel chair on

In greed’s embrace

Absconding John.


Yes, you’ll get your due

Perhaps a brand new car?

So many likes of you

I’ll tell them where you are.