NATURE KNOWLEDGE: Black Raspberries

July 4th Week Vacation 2011 073These are Black Raspberries. Many people refer to them as “Black Caps”. As you can see in the photo, when the fruit is picked, the white core remains attached to the plant. This is the simplest way to tell them from Blackberries.

Another way to tell the two berries apart ( in my area of upstate New York and western Massachusetts), is according to their time of ripening. Black Raspberries appear in June and Blackberries are in August.

Black Raspberries are a small fruit and grow in sparse numbers per bush while Blackberries can yield gallons of fruit in a similar space.  I’ve found it hard to find significant patches of wild Black Raspberries. They are susceptible to many blights which also plague wild Raspberries. One final note, they are far less painful to harvest than Blackberries, simply because, their thorns are much smaller and their fruit tends to grow outwardly.

A Black Raspberry patch is indeed a great find!

Autumn is calling…

There is a crisp new attitude in the air. The katydids are singing in the night. Nesting birds are feasting .The days are getting shorter.

Autumn is calling…

Take heart. The days will be brighter. The breezes will lift you up to a bluer sky than you can remember. Harvesting begins in earnest as the long-awaited sunflowers unfold.

The best of weather is yet to come now that those lazy days are mainly in our past.

Maple trees are sensitive to the changes. They are flashing hints of color many dread to notice.

Embrace these days don’t worry ’bout after later times.

Blackberry pie, ripening pumpkins, enjoy the bustling of wildlife…breathe deeply and experience the best of days.

Autumn is calling…