Sound of 1956~ Happy Birthday to me!

A prompt on the National Poetry Writing page made me look up songs from the time that I was born. I couldn’t find my poetic voice but wanted to share a song recorded days after I was born. April 11th, 1956 was my day and Chuck Berry was the sound!

R&B is my favorite genre to this day!

So this is why I’m always “against the grain” with normalcy, I’m sure. 🙂

My Earliest Memory

As I assume it was….


Well, I was just hanging out when I realized, I couldn’t stretch my legs. As I pushed, I would roll. Odd but fun.

My first science experiment had proven that ,” Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.” Brilliant!

Sight was not possible and I remained unaware of it until a moment came, when I was so very crowded, I could not stand it! Call me claustrophobic but I am NOT happy.

Waves of energy pushed on me until…WOW! “Let there be light!”

Ouch…too bright.

Oh my! Approximately 14 pounds per square inch. Gravity…you are not my brother and you are very heavy.

Gosh…my skin is crawling. I am freezing!

Forget handing me around, somebody better cover me up.

Ugh…don’t these morons know that washing me adds to the cold!

A piercing sound…did that come from me? Cool…this is going to be handy when I need something. Look at those big people scramble.

Why is everyone smiling…this has been the worst day ever!

If this is an example of birthdays…I think I’ll pass on any more!

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