Blogtober- Laugh Out Loud- Day 4

I took a high school ‘mini course’ about comedy years ago. Yes, the high school I went to was an excellent one. As seniors, we were allowed to elect courses for our English classes after we each took one quarter on Critical Analysis Writing.
The realization that comedy and tragedy were often separated by a very thin line, always stuck with me.
Across the many years of child family day care, we had a lot of fun. Sometimes, we had some real funnies. Here’s a true tale that fits squarely into that comic/tragic realm.

My husband has his own happy little Christmas Tradition. As Christmas grows close, he likes to sit in our vehicle, after dark, and listen to Christmas Carols while having a few beers. If its snowing, that makes it all the better.
One night, he got his perfect wish and enjoyed his solitary Christmas tribute while stashing his beers in a snowbank beside the truck keeping them icy cold. It was snowing so, when he policed the area before coming indoors, he overlooked a beer.
The next day, a 5, 6, and 7, year old went out beyond our driveway to slide in the brand new snow on my delightfully hilly backyard.
When they came in for cocoa, they were giggling wildly and I smelled a strong odor of beer!
This was that kind of day care moment when your heart stops.
Come to find out, they hadn’t drank any beer but had found the beer and poked at it with a shovel. It was close to frozen and when they punctured it, the beer had sprung a pressurized fountain of foamy spray covering them head to toe.

Imagine the fun I had explaining that reeking odor of beer on the children to their parents!
Just so you know, they ALL laughed out loud.

Friday Fictioneers- Al’right Then

The fellas had ‘set’ out on the deck real late last night marveling at the annual river ice retreat.
They agreed that this year wasn’t as bad as last and spent time tagging ‘good stuff’ brought in with the rising water.
Dan got dibs on the wrought iron rails while Larry found some dandy pressure treated pieces to frame his generator bin. They’d check the Lost & Found list at the grocery before using them, though.
Yup, that beer went down al’right too.

They’d probably still be there if they’d bought more beer and had remembered to wear their waders.
(100 words)
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My Idea of a Perfect Sunday

I’m a lucky woman!


New York Giants Football

My perfect Sundays usual happen in September.

Waking up to a lovely Autumn morning (about 58 degrees) at my camp site in the woods. My granddaughter waking up with me waiting out on the bench for hot chocolate. Watching the sun rise through the trees as the birds sing us a happy day tune.

A little later, Kat and I go to the local flea market. We bring Ollie (our Jack Russell). He yelps with excitement as we pull in. He loves this social time among local friends who know him by name. The “book guy” is my favorite stop and Katherine enjoys the “toy people”.

We end up back at camp and Katherine and family leave for home. I stay and take photographs of nature and enjoy the quiet as my husband cuts some wood. If I’m lucky,the NY Giants will have the 4:00pm game and we have a while to get home. (Our camp is only 35 minutes from our home.)

I’ll help Ed stack some wood and then we’ll sit and have one beer. Most often, we don’t even converse. Just to sit and observe our little piece of heaven is enough. I cannot say enough about the hard physical work that Ed put into that place! I don’t think any modern man knows what a day’s work is compared to Ed’s measure.

Finally, we pack for home and I make a nice meal. A pork roast was my family’s favorite Sunday meal. Then it’s football time!

My daughter and I just love that game. (She’s a 49ers fan but I love her any way.)

A phone call from my father is an occasional delight during a commercial in the game. “Did you see that play? ” “Boy, did they get robbed!”

The rest of the day is couch time with Ollie and Ed.

Yup, I have lots of perfect Sundays that start and end in a similar fashion…

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