Zabby Eight Update 2/13/12

Well, it’s official. Zabby and Alodda  are giving up the imaginary friend business.

“Katherine, where have Zabby and Alodda been?”

“Oh they retired.”

“So where are they?”

“They retired to Hampton Beach.”

“Aren’t they going to be imaginary friends for other kids?”

“Nope. They just want to retire so they can visit now and then.”

“Where’s Arthur these days?”

“I don’t want to talk about it.”

“Did he have an accident?”

“Grandma, he was at deep-sea diving school and now he’s at the bottom of the ocean.”

“Oh my. At least he was doing what he loved best. How did it happen?”

“I DON’T WANT TO Talk about it!”

Katherine says that she’ll see Zabby and Alodda once in awhile but the demise of Arthur will forever remain a mystery.

Zabby Eight Update 11/22/10

Zabby brought her magnificent trained cat over. Ladeen is white ,fluffy and can do the high dive into a pool. She wears pink goggles too.

Seems Arthur has a fever until Thanksgiving. Katherine says, that his good friend Dadala, is taking over for him at astronaut training. This is wonderful that Arthur will be home for Thanksgiving and he ,some how, won’t lose ground in his training.

I am glad to have all three of Katherine’s imaginary friends home for Thanksgiving.  Since Zabby and Alodda’s parents are deceased, they now live with Katherine everyday. They are such lucky girls to have Katherine to take them in. In trying times, friends can make ALL the difference. I haven’t asked the details of the accident. We aren’t dwelling on it.

There is much to do for housework and preparing a feast. Kat says that the girls will stay over the night before Thanksgiving to help me out. She will be home treating Arthur so he’ll be well enough to come to dinner.

Today, we will be making candy treats that we’ll share the instructions for.

Alodda has a very special pumpkin pie recipe that Kat says she’ll share also.

Zabby Eight Update 9/30/10

During Labor Day week, Zabby and Kat renewed their friendship. After getting 20 strikes in a row, Zabby found bowling boring. Katherine and Zabby hugged and said they were sorry to have drifted apart.

Zabby, Alodda and Arthur went to Old Orchard Beach on vacation with Katherine. According to Kat, they all remembered their bathing suits and found sand dollars on the beach. The car did not seem over crowded for some reason?


Zabby Eight has been up to her usual pranks.

Just yesterday, she took the last sheet of toilet paper, knocked down the baby gate and tore away some of Katherine’s play dough while Kat was using the bathroom!

She is very hard to locate due to her invisibility. Be on the look out for an imaginary girl ranging in height from 2″ to 5’9″. She often wears purple and has red curly hair. She usually hangs around with her little brother Arthur but he has gone back to deep-sea diving school. Alodda, the third member of the threesome, wears green and loves the outdoors. Alodda, has been known to avoid Zabby when she is being impish.

If anything strange and naughty happens at your house please call 555-help and Katherine will come over and bring her back.

Thanks for your assistance in this matter!

Zabby Eight Update 8/25/10

This last weekend, Katherine only took Alodda to camp with her. She and Zabby have drifted apart. Zabby went bowling with her other friends. Watch for her on ESPN, Kat says that she had 200 strikes!

It is really interesting that the friendships are evolving. Katherine really likes Alodda’s company more now. From Kat’s description of Alodda, they have more in common. Both are outdoorsy and both like the color green.

Alodda spends her nights at my campsite, this is one reason that Katherine cannot wait to have morning hot chocolate with us. Alodda,Kat, and I had another lovely morning listening to the birds and enjoying our breakfast.The three of us also went to the beverage center and to Stewart’s.

Arthur’s vacation will come to an end soon and Katherine says that he is anxious to go back to school.

“Being a deep-sea diver is a lot of work you know, Grandma.”

“I hope he has a chance to come to your first soccer game, Katherine.”

“No, he’s going back to school next week but Alodda will come.”

“Where has Zabby been?”

“She has new friends now. She would rather be bowling.”

“That’s too bad. Do you miss her?”

“No, Alodda stays with us now. Zabby is having fun.”

Well, this author may have to change these post’s to Alodda Updates. I can’t wait to know more!

Imaginary friends seem a lot like real ones 🙂

Zabby Eight Update 8/1/10

Zabby Eight,her brother, Arthur and her best friend Alodda all went to camp with us for the weekend.

Arthur had been constantly studying but apparently was allowed a break for the remainder of the summer. Kat said that his dentist had just applied shiny silver braces to his teeth.

“What does Arthur look like Katherine?”

“He is wearing silver and gold just like the song from the snowman in Rudolph. Look his crocs are gold.”

“Has Arthur decided what he wants to do with all his knowledge from school?”

“Yes, he is going to be a deep-sea diver and study animals.”

We were swinging on a swing set at camp. Kat asked for me to please give Zabby a push.

“What does Zabby look like Kat?”

“She LOVES the color purple so she is dressed in purple. She has purple streaks in her really curly hair. Alodda is just like me. Her favorite color is green and she is wearing three pony tails to keep her straight hair out of her eyes. Zabby is the fancy girl.”

“Let’s walk back to my campsite.”

“Ok…you can hold Arthur’s hand and Alodda and Zabby will walk with me.”

“Hold on tight guys, I don’t want you to slip down the hill.”

“Grandma. They are not going to fall. You know they are imaginary, don’t you?”

“Yes, but I enjoy their company anyway.”

“I’ll bring them back to sleep over with you next week.”

“Fine, but how will I know they are there?”

“They will make bumps in your bed and then you’ll know.”

Zabby Eight Update 7/21/10

Katherine just returned from a weekend at her Papa’s campground.

Seems she had a great time and spent most of it in the pool.

“Did you wear your life-jacket Katherine?”

“Yes, but I took it off and swam to Mommy a few times!”

“Hurray! Was Zabby there?”

“Yes, she didn’t need a life-preserver though. Imaginary friends can just walk in pools. Their legs stretch out when the water gets deeper.”

“What happens when she leaves the pool?”

“Her legs snap all the way back.”

“Did Alodda go swimming?”

“I don’t know, she stayed with you.”

“So, that is why my bed felt crowded last weekend?”

Soon after that discussion, Kat asked me to take her to the bathroom.

“I’m still afraid of spiders!’, she said.

This arachnophobia is trying my patience.

“Katherine, take Zabby Eight with you. I heard that she can scare spiders away. She’s very good at it too.”

“Grandma…she is NOT a professional!”

Yikes! I was out smarted again…change the subject…

“So,where has Arthur Eight been?”

“He’s STILL at school.”

“I hope he’s studying to become a professional Spider Tamer.”