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There are no secrets!

When you send your preschoolers to day care, I hope you can trust the caregiver has a sense of humor!

One day I was asking my kids about what their parents do for a living. We were making books about ourselves and I wanted to know what they were hoping to be when they grew up. By the way,at that time, Batman was the overwhelming winner for career choice! I realized that the kids probably didn’t know exactly what their parents did and the, Art Linkletter in me,wanted to ask. (Art Linkletter was a TV personality who interviewed kids for a funny show called,”Kids say the Darndest Things” back in the day.)

The answers the kids gave to ,”What does your father do?” were cute. One young man’s answer stood out.

“What does your father do?” was my question.

“He hollers at my Mom.”

I decided to change the subject quickly.

“What does Mom do?”

“She cries.”

I knew this family and I assumed they had had a recent argument but I knew better than to suspect true abuse.

All I could do was hide my face and laugh!!!

Kids say the darndest things!