Blogtober- Christmas Shopping- Day 3

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There are two types of Christmas shoppers who I’ve observed.
Those who shop to put a check mark beside each name on their list and those who enjoy the challenge of finding the ‘perfect’ gifts.
The check mark types, go out, or devote an online day or two, to their endeavors. They can ‘happen on’ a great gift or sale item but their mission is to be ‘ready’ for Christmas. This type of person doesn’t get weighed down by stress but doesn’t usually experience the full ‘magic’ of Christmas. Handmade gifts rarely come from these shoppers and, giving a handmade gift to them, never gets a whole appreciation either.
The shoppers, who put the most thought into gifting, are easy to spot. They seem tired but joyful. They’re the ones who are primarily bustling around on the last days before the holiday. These shoppers don’t always ‘score’ on every well-thought present but they can never be shamed for not giving it their ‘all’. I think of them as loving gardeners. Planting seeds with high hopes but knowing not every ‘seed’ will bear ‘fruit’. The loving investment makes the success stories grand and fulfilling. The anticipation is its own reward.
So which are you?


Here we come!

This is my first opportunity, for many weeks, to sit and write. The sitting feels marvelous and the writing feels strange.

Just like anything we do, the more we do it the more comfortable we get. Today, I feel as though I’m outside of my groove. So, I’m just going to write anyway…

I realized that I feel just like a kid on Christmas Eve several times a day. My stomach rolls with excited anticipation of a project or I think of living in the woods or I smell that fragrance from an infant.

This makes me wonder how people who have everything they ever wanted find happiness. It’s the wanting that makes for the best feeling just as Christmas Eve is the true holiday peak.

My good friend Jordan and I have much in common and we both recognize and embrace this excitement. The first snowfall, hearing a favorite song on the radio, beginning a book we’ve been wanting to read, all give us that giggle in our guts. He thought it would fade with age but now realizes it doesn’t have to.

The coolest part about the giggle is that it happens over little things that we anticipate. I get them when I watch birds at my feeder or when an infant laughs out loud for the first time.

Now tell me, aren’t those little things the big things? I guess the people who have everything are those who notice and enjoy as many moments as they can. Anticipation is the answer. When one anticipates happiness they have it.

Have one great big happy day!