The Morning Dawdle 2/19/23- For Better or Worse

Rory has some WILD questions today. Let’s play:

Who do you think you might be in an alternate universe?

This one blew my mind. My answer: You are you because you are here. For better or worse, this environment had a hand in shaping the YOU that you are. So, if you weren’t here, you wouldn’t be you. Same goes for the question, “Who would you be if you had never been born?”. LOL

What would be the most surreal situation you could imagine finding yourself in?

Comparing the America that I ‘grew up in’ to the America that is here now, I’m living it.

You won!!
You have five minutes for a Supermarket Dash in the FoodHall – what will you fill your trolley/shopping cart with?

Meats and medicines.

You have 60 minutes to hide 50 million in hard currency [Notes] in your house – where would you put the money/cash – to avoid detection?

Hiding ‘notes’ in your house is your first mistake (Fire could be devastating.). Keeping ‘notes’ is your second mistake. Exchanging the notes for gold or other precious metals would be the wisest thing to do. Paper currency isn’t going to be worth much in the near future, IMHO.

Sunday Poser #72- Defending the Good

This week my question is;

What are your views about patriotismnationalism?

I think there’s been a tragic effort to propose that nationalism (supported by patriotism) is bad and selfish. To that response, I say, “You’ve got to be kidding.”
We only need to review the importance of family to realize that our needs, and ultimate survival, reside in a prioritizing of our own interests. To those who say that their hearts belong to everyone equally, I ask, “If the local elementary school were on fire, and your own children were inside, what is your primary mission when rushing in?”. This does not mean you would not assist anyone else along the way but (if you’re honest with yourself) you know finding your kids is at the forefront. It’s natural, it’s also okay. Taking immediate care of ‘our own’ is the best we humans can do. You can’t seriously believe single human beings can save the whole world but we each can impact the world only if we survive. Compassion and aid to others isn’t ‘off the table’ but priorities are necessary.
I often wonder if people, who expect us (we Americans) to give and fight without an interest in preventing our own decline, have considered a world without a generous and innovative country such as ours? Who’ll save the environment, promote freedom, create lifesaving medicine and technology, etc.? Without wealth, how can we aid others? Destroying ourselves would actually be the most selfish of outcomes. No, we’re not perfect but we’re good. Pretending that we aren’t is the surest way to destroy us. I’m not convinced those who suggest we have no important value, worth preserving, aren’t the ones who want us to fail for their own selfish reasons?
I’ve often heard that we women have a responsibility to ‘take care of ourselves’ for the good of the whole family. How is nationalism any different?
God Bless America!

A Nice Man

Make America Great Again Embroidered Cap - Red

I met a wonderful older gentleman in the grocery store this morning.
We almost collided at the end of an aisle, where he paused and said, “Go ahead. Ladies before beauty.”. He had a delightful twinkle in his eye as I giggled.
He paused a bit longer saying, ” I said that to one lady and she called me a rascal. It’s fun to tease.”
I agreed that cheerfulness was always welcomed.
Well, I had watched his eyes so I hadn’t actually ‘looked’ at him.
We met again at the checkout. Actually, I chose that particular checkout to chat with him again.
This time I saw he was wearing a MAGA hat and a Trump 2020 mask!
I wasted no time telling him how much I liked his mask and he broke into quite a story.
He had an accent that I was sure was German.
He said, “Our country is being destroyed. “
He’d come here from Europe, had a sponsor, was supposed to have a job, and became a citizen following every legal step.
“I’ve been made a fool with these open borders and illegals given everything.”
Again, I agreed and said a few things about the move toward Marxism and not being allowed to speak without a hateful reaction.
Then he told me about a recent disgrace he’d had at, of all places, church.
Here’s a paraphrase:
“I was at church a few weeks ago and had removed my hat. A lady, who was recovering from a stroke, was having a difficult time getting out to her car. I offered her my arm and helped her. She was very appreciative and said I was such a nice man.
The next week, I met the same lady but this time I had my hat on. She grabbed my arm in a fury and gouged it leaving bruises.”

I don’t know about you, but that kind of unhinged intolerance HAS TO STOP!
As I left, he said, “What we going to do?”
I said, “You keep on wearing that hat, and I’ll keep on wearing my shirt.” I had to lift my sweatshirt to show him my Rush Limbaugh Tribute t-shirt. He smiled saying, “He was a very good man.”.
I told him that I won’t be silenced either and we need to keep speaking up. He agreed.
What a nice man!

(BTW- I tried to grab a photo of a MAGA hat in the free photos offered for blogging. All that came up was women in sunhats. Oddly, that image wasn’t considered a current topic. Keep speaking up people. 😉 )

Cowboys, Guns and Pride

It wasn’t that long ago that I pretended to be Annie Oakley. Okay, 40 years is long in a lifetime but it feels like yesterday. I’d ride my pony, Socksey, at a gallop while balancing my pop gun. I played alone but never felt lonely.

As part of the first generation of kids with all day TV , the Wild West filled our airways and Cowboys were our heroes. From the modern perspective, these shows were violent and raw. How’s that modern perspective working for y’all?

  • teen suicide
  • school bullying with apathy from bystanders
  • random gun violence
  • deadbeat dads
  • laziness
  • sleep disorders
  • eating disorders

To name a few more modern pervasive ailments.

I started looking for videos to attach to this post. My eyes are still filled with tears and my heart with the pride from revisiting my ‘ol pals. Then I found the perfect video. A new movement to instill the virtues that I aspired to from my cowboy heroes. Food for thought people. I’m going to get some old westerns and watch them with my granddaughter.

BTW- I added guns to my title just to make this post “scary” and controversial enough to get you to consider it. 🙂