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Zabby Eight Update 8/1/10

Zabby Eight,her brother, Arthur and her best friend Alodda all went to camp with us for the weekend.

Arthur had been constantly studying but apparently was allowed a break for the remainder of the summer. Kat said that his dentist had just applied shiny silver braces to his teeth.

“What does Arthur look like Katherine?”

“He is wearing silver and gold just like the song from the snowman in Rudolph. Look his crocs are gold.”

“Has Arthur decided what he wants to do with all his knowledge from school?”

“Yes, he is going to be a deep-sea diver and study animals.”

We were swinging on a swing set at camp. Kat asked for me to please give Zabby a push.

“What does Zabby look like Kat?”

“She LOVES the color purple so she is dressed in purple. She has purple streaks in her really curly hair. Alodda is just like me. Her favorite color is green and she is wearing three pony tails to keep her straight hair out of her eyes. Zabby is the fancy girl.”

“Let’s walk back to my campsite.”

“Ok…you can hold Arthur’s hand and Alodda and Zabby will walk with me.”

“Hold on tight guys, I don’t want you to slip down the hill.”

“Grandma. They are not going to fall. You know they are imaginary, don’t you?”

“Yes, but I enjoy their company anyway.”

“I’ll bring them back to sleep over with you next week.”

“Fine, but how will I know they are there?”

“They will make bumps in your bed and then you’ll know.”