Keeping Kids Creative: Book Spine Poetry

With the invention of the TV remote control came a game that we (my kids and I) have played for years. It was to channel surf for funny composite phrases. We’d start on one channel and change the channel in the middle of a phrase. Sometimes, the next channel had someone finish the phrase with hilarious results.

Well I just happened on the art of Book Spine Poetry. I know…everyone else already has heard of it. I had not. So for the two or three folks who will find this enlightening, I’ll continue. 😉

This activity requires one to stack books in order to create a meaningful phrase from their titles. Here’s mine:

Besides giving you a quick view of a sample of my library, these titles created a message. Cool huh?

On your next visit to the library, consider having the kids stack a few funny phrases. Take your camera and record them too. I know I’ll be having lots of fun in the children’s section myself!

PS: Please replace all books where they belong on the shelf. Librarians will be hunting me down if you do not! 🙂