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Weekend Writing Prompt #297- No Key Necessary

The days had dragged on for those witnessing his final throes of life.
As one moment led to the next, a bright light widened in his peripheral vision.
A clock ticked as his body relaxed in the natural way of acceptance and peace.
He’d done well… no regrets necessary… rest was about to be his reward.
The key to life had never been what he’d imagined.
Everything now made perfect sense.


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Family Love

When a marriage brings two people together, it brings two family philosophies together as well. The man and wife are drawn to each other but they just may have different ideas about life, love and parenting that can place a strain on their relationship.

At first, love is physical…life is forever…dreams are shared.

Then, they fall into expectations they have from a personal journey that each partner has taken without the other. The growing up in another household. The couple comes to realize that their dreams and expectations are grounded in that separate upbringing.

The sharing of love, hopes for happiness and family unity are defined differently in many nuclear families and can be a real obstacle to a “happily ever after” scenario in the brand new family made in marriage.

Recognizing the differences is the first step.

Hopefully the next step is accepting the differences as different. It is all too easy to feel they are wrong and right.

Overall, each partner needs to accept yet retain their separateness. People have signals that require definition to each other or misinterpretations are inevitable.

Being a family is not easy…combining phylosophies, religion, values, and dreams can be really tricky. It takes much effort and a lot of unconditional love and two people who support each other equally. Good luck to everyone!

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American Plaid

Let’s talk about colors.

Just what do you see?

Have you ever been asked

What your favorite might be?

If it’s blue you like winter.

Red shows much passion.

Yellow and orange

Were psycho in fashion.

White means you are boring.

You’re a girl if it’s pink.

Green means you’re friendly.

You know what I think?

Colors are all great!

They’re not good or bad.

If you ask me my favorite,

I’d tell you it’s plaid!

Single hues hold NO meaning.

True beauty is blind.

A rainbow can’t happen

Less colors combine.