One-liner Wednesday- Douglas Murray

Douglas Murray is one of my favorite conservative intellectuals.

“[They] may have for instance taken the view of Edmund Burke, who in the 18th century made the central conservative insight; that a culture and a society are not things run for the convenience of the people who happen to be here right now, but is a deep pact between the dead, the living, and those yet to be born.”
― Douglas Murray, The Strange Death of Europe: Immigration, Identity, Islam

The Planned Deconstruction of US Industrial Capability — Docvega’s Blog

For some time now, the left and Democrats have been planning the controlled downsizing of US industrial and manufacturing output. Using supply shortage to depopulate, disrupt, and force the masses to be dependent upon the crumbs that the federal government hands them has been in high gear since the Obama Administration. The federal government run […]

The Planned Deconstruction of US Industrial Capability — Docvega’s Blog

Cherry Blossom Sculptures

I don’t often reblog but these were worth sharing. A wonderful project!
Thank-you Dave Williams for your post.

Dave Williams

This year, the National Cherry Blossom Festival decided to not have a parade and street festival, which typically happen on the last day of the 2-week celebration. Instead, the festival asked artists to create designs for 26 cherry blossom sculptures, and these were placed around the Washington, DC area.

My two daughters and I had fun tracking down some of the sculptures. The festival provides a helpful map to find them.

Below are the sculptures we saw. Click on each photo to jump to that sculpture’s page on the festival’s website, which tells more about the sculpture and artist.

Sculpture decorated with heart shapes and swirls.
“Celebration” by Sandra Pérez-Ramos

Sculpture decorated with two women sitting in a tree, with many birds also on the tree. Done in a folk art style.
“Cherry Garden” by Rashin Kheiriyeh

Sculpture decorated with picnic blanket and basket of bread, wine, and fruit.
“Cherry Blossom Picnic” by Rachael Bohlander

Sculpture decorated with the word HOPE written in different styles, along the lines of graffiti
“HOPE” by Aaron Feinstein

Sculpture decorated with a grid map of Washington DC
“Community Grid” by My Ly & Jaclyn Stallard

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