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For some time now, the left and Democrats have been planning the controlled downsizing of US industrial and manufacturing output. Using supply shortage to depopulate, disrupt, and force the masses to be dependent upon the crumbs that the federal government hands them has been in high gear since the Obama Administration. The federal government run […]

The Planned Deconstruction of US Industrial Capability — Docvega’s Blog

Cherry Blossom Sculptures

I don’t often reblog but these were worth sharing. A wonderful project!
Thank-you Dave Williams for your post.

Dave Williams

This year, the National Cherry Blossom Festival decided to not have a parade and street festival, which typically happen on the last day of the 2-week celebration. Instead, the festival asked artists to create designs for 26 cherry blossom sculptures, and these were placed around the Washington, DC area.

My two daughters and I had fun tracking down some of the sculptures. The festival provides a helpful map to find them.

Below are the sculptures we saw. Click on each photo to jump to that sculpture’s page on the festival’s website, which tells more about the sculpture and artist.

Sculpture decorated with heart shapes and swirls.
“Celebration” by Sandra Pérez-Ramos

Sculpture decorated with two women sitting in a tree, with many birds also on the tree. Done in a folk art style.
“Cherry Garden” by Rashin Kheiriyeh

Sculpture decorated with picnic blanket and basket of bread, wine, and fruit.
“Cherry Blossom Picnic” by Rachael Bohlander

Sculpture decorated with the word HOPE written in different styles, along the lines of graffiti
“HOPE” by Aaron Feinstein

Sculpture decorated with a grid map of Washington DC
“Community Grid” by My Ly & Jaclyn Stallard

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MLMM Photo Challenge #362- The Big Guy

Photo by Kamil Rybarski on

The alligator rose as slowly as the moon. At first, only a few bubbles gave away his presence, then a sucking sound, followed by rings that grew larger-pulsating- as they spread until the ragged twenty foot log of a monster emerged on the river’s silver mirrored surface. Two lifeless eyes glowed as the beast effortlessly moved toward the lantern signaling a meal.
Diana was used to the ritual but inaudibly gasped as she sat hypnotized by the gargantuan reptile easing toward her. Her chore had become mundane but this prehistoric crescendo never ceased to excite her.
This one had been a bit difficult. A married man, totally sloshed, who ran around showing off photos of his six kids.
What the hell was he doing at that place?
That convention didn’t usually appeal to ‘family men’.
But Briggs had nodded at him sealing his fate. She lured him into the alley and the ‘boys’ did the rest. This time, she hadn’t watched.
Briggs handed her the envelope containing her fee, stuffed four trash bags in her pick-up, then slapped the tailgate saying,” Tell the Big Guy, thanks again.”.

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Friday Fictioneers- Shower Power

PHOTO PROMPT © Anne Higa  

There’d been a BIG problem with frequent flooding near the end platform of the subway.
The maintenance team finally busted down a wall, where the water was heavily seeping in, finding a one story shaft to an alleyway above.
Inside the shaft were soaps, shampoos, and neatly folded towels in a bucket connected to a pully.
The water spilled freely, with every rainstorm, from a cleverly constructed pipe leading from a building’s gutter system
A wooden fire escape ladder stood in the alley next to a sign:
Homeless Shower
Drop Ladder
NO singing unless the trains are running!

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15 April 2021 | Rochelle Wisoff-Fields-Addicted to Purple