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Saturday Night Reminiscing 5/28/21- Tombstone

Either you love Western movies or you don’t.
If Tombstone isn’t one of your all time favorite films, this post isn’t for you.
I grew up on TV westerns. I truly believe they laid a foundation for my own value system including courage, loyalty, and living deliberately in a world that owes no one anything.
I want to showcase this movie tonight. One of those ‘I’ll never get tired of watching types”.
I’m sure I’ll be showcasing others in the future but this is my pick for the Number 1 spot.

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Saturday Night Reminiscing ~The Three Stooges

At a time, when the general population was regarded as intelligent, slapstick comedy ruled.
It doesn’t have to tickle everyone’s funny bone, as much as it does mine, but, ‘once upon a time’ fewer people were condescending enough to believe that lives could be ‘at risk’ just from watching it. I would guess that no one would have eaten Tide Pods back then, either.
The Three Stooges were comic geniuses, IMO. Ridiculousness deserves ridicule and laughing at it is human.
Laughing at the ridiculous has become, in a purposeful way, a modern taboo. Well, this gal won’t stop. Ridiculousness doesn’t go away when we are shamed into ignoring it. If nothing can be labeled ridiculous, then is everything supposed to be taken seriously? The media certainly thinks we should. lol

I’ve introduced my granddaughters to The Stooges and they’re able to roar with laughter. Not only are these comedians a part of our American heritage, they are perfectly suited to make fun of an overly uptight, narcissistic , often ridiculous, culture that is currently nearly humorless.
Hope you enjoy a few of my favorite classic clips.

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Saturday Night Reminiscing- Harlem Globetrotters

Oh, the anticipation of fun was high for me during the 60s and early 70s when I heard the Harlem Globetrotters were airing. Meadowlark Lemon was my favorite player. He was a natural comic and showman.
Curly Neal was the most talented athlete of that whole time period, IMHO.
Funny, compassionate, and outstandingly athletic,
for tonight’s reminiscence, here’s a ‘trot’ down memory lane. Enjoy!