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Unicorn Challenge 5/26/23- A Woman’s Purpose

The rules are:
Maximum of 250 words.
Based on photo prompt above.
That’s it.

There he was, still an hour or so, from home at the mouth of the fjord!

It had been a long, long, time-too long. Her heart raced with excitement as her eyebrows drew into a scowl.
Was she happy or angry?
God made men with a purpose. He gave them talents and proposed that they make a mark on the world.
Why weren’t children and family enough?
The science, art, and exploration, however grand and celebrated, did nothing for the rearing of children and warming her bed.

He’d be awkward in the doorway…a stranger. Then, he’d settle in offering exotic gifts and wild adventurous tales to the boys as they danced vying for his long-awaited attention.
It would take a few days for the ordinary to set in. The sense of safety and completeness that was only to be shattered in a few months by his new driving focus that didn’t include any of them.

She was tired of waiting for his ‘purposes‘ to dry up and his body to lose its untiring fitness.
Their house was in need of long overdue repair.
Keeping him home, where he belonged, would require an accident.



I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

15 thoughts on “Unicorn Challenge 5/26/23- A Woman’s Purpose

  1. Uh oh… there seems to be a murky cloud on the horizon here, Susan. Absence, it seems, doesn’t always make the heart grow fonder…

  2. Ooh, Susan! What an excellent twist. I’ll bet that many an explorer’s wife would agree heartily with your ending. I once read about the explorer and missionary, David Livingstone’s wife, and I had such a desire to grab him by the lapels and give him a good shake! Talk about taking his woman for granted!
    Great to see you here too. Welcome! And I hope you’ll be back. 😊

    1. Thank-you! Many of the famed Impressionist painters left their families destitute in favor of their own passion. That has always been knowledge that troubled me.

  3. Kinky. A man who can’t resist a porpoise ; -) Wise tale indeed. Reminds of the shearer’s wife’s lament in Australia: Friday night too tired, Saturday night too drunk, Sunday too far away.

  4. Oh dear! But I’ll bet Penelope felt the same way about her Odysseus. Away often, and for a long time, and on his return, the honeymoon phase is too soon over. For both of them.

  5. Well, Susan, that got strangely dark!
    An accident to keep him home but let him do house repairs?
    Good luck with that!

    1. He wasn’t doing them much anyway. 🤣
      She’d gotten used to her house falling apart but her warped mind thought she’d be repairing her home. Thanks. 😁

  6. I’m with the others: excellent, delicately drawn twist at the end.

    (‘Wish-I’d-written-it’ line of the week: It would take a few days for the ordinary to set in…)

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