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Six Sentence Story – Cancelled Ticket


He sat outside of the amusement park- beyond the fence-watching the dazzling carousel.

The sounds of children alternating between squeals of laughter and shrieks of terror as they rode up and down and around and around on the strikingly ornate replicas of make-believe animals made him feel almost alive.

It wasn’t supposed to end so suddenly: his journey through life with his beautiful bride.

He’d invested his heart and jumped aboard for the entire ride-buying a house, working two jobs, and setting up for a long future.

But now he’d been thrown to the ground holding an unfulfillable promise- just an observer imagining what ‘might have been’- his ups and downs and ‘round and ‘rounds frozen forever in time.

The grin on the punk- the mugger who stole her cellphone and their lifetime together- when he was released on bail, set the stage and now, he had no choice but to cancel that ‘clown’s’ ticket himself.


I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

24 thoughts on “Six Sentence Story – Cancelled Ticket

  1. I have to search way back at Sixes to find a ” fun” prompt that turned so spectacularly on its head.

    3rd dark Six I am reading…and I love it.

    Excellent black ink, Susan.

  2. As I delved into your poignant story, I couldn’t help but experience a surge of empathy. The devastating aftermath of witnessing someone’s world crumble beneath their feet, with their dreams shattered into irreparable fragments, left an indelible impact on my emotions. Through your storytelling, you have masterfully conveyed the complexity of human emotions and the profound impact of unforeseen circumstances. Thank you for sharing this compelling story that serves as a testament to the resilience inherent within each of us.

  3. …and yet, not to be contrarian, (no, surely not that), the awareness of the quality of merry-go-rounds as the defining character of many, (if not most), lives should have helped avoid his own perpetuation of the cycle.

    thought-provoking Six

    1. Very astute, Clark.
      He was thrown off of the ride by the tragedy. Those who are most dangerous are the ones who have given up on life and choose not to “play” by the rules anymore. Thank-you!
      If only he’d found a reason to ‘hang on’. [That is where “faith” comes in.] Nihilism is a most dangerous game that can create a devastating effect for us all.

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