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Two for Tuesday- My Granddaughters

Paula,, promotes this prompt Two for Tuesday.

I have two granddaughters and decided to showcase them today.

Katherine, aka My Girlfriend, will be 18 in September. She was my first grandchild. When Kat was born, her dad was preparing to ship off for Iraq with his National Guard unit. He was still in the States a few hours away but not present for the birth. Luckily, he was granted a few days to come home to meet her, then was off on duty for her first year and a half. I was present for her birth and got to “cut the cord”. She’s the ‘little one’ in my logo and on my site.
Her parents-my daughter and son-in-law- are excellent parents. Their girls are into softball, band, and camping/homesteading.
My youngest granddaughter, Evelyn, aka Boobles, came 7 years after Kat. Her dad was home for her birth.
We are an extremely close family who see each other almost every day and camp together in the summer.
Kat just went to a senior prom with her boyfriend who’ll be heading into basic training for the Air Force in July.
Evelyn and I see each other every day when I get her aboard and take her off of the school bus. She and I have been writing a children’s book together. I homeschooled both girls during “the pandemic” and will have Evelyn full-time for homeschool in the near future when her teachers no longer are trustworthy ones according to her parents’ assessment.
I’m blessed beyond words.

Katherine a couple of years ago.
Evelyn at camp last summer.
Their family this Spring at camp.
My girls and me on Christmas Eve 2022.


I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

8 thoughts on “Two for Tuesday- My Granddaughters

  1. Wonderful hearing about your lovely grand-daughters, and family. I’m glad you’ve been able to be close by and be such a loving grandmother. 🙂

  2. What a great & lovely families. I’am happy you shared these lovely families photo. Such a love grandmother. Very calm & peacefully words written you. I like. Iam so glad 😊.

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