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Sunday Poser #133- Discernment

Sadje has asked us a complicated question today:

I very much like to hang on to old ways. Hand-written letters are one of them. No text can replace the sincere personal interest contained in a letter.
BUT… technology has opened up many exciting and good things.
I was that kid running to our set of encyclopedias often. It was time consuming to get information ‘back in the day’. The access to information is delightfully easy now. With the access to information, I had to sharpen a new skill. It’s an exceptionally useful one! It’s called discernment. The encyclopedias were accepted as “the whole truth” but since the internet and “out in the open” modern day misleading and propagandized information, being critical in thought has become an important skill. Total trust can create complacency. I think we’re in a big societal mess today primarily from former complacency.
Divining the truth has never been more available though (unless deliberately censored). Knowing that we need to put a bit of energy into our inquiries isn’t, at all, bad. Those encyclopedias were actually naively relied upon and never questioned. But the intellectually lazy will always lag behind. [Too bad they have the loudest voices and biggest platforms these days. 😢]
Even the revelation that censorship and biases exist, has been a useful tool. Nothing increases my curiosity more than information that seems ‘hidden’ or has been suddenly removed. That’s a big red target on where “the truth'” may be lurking. Quite an effective shortcut for the curious.

I feel as though I owe someone a fruit basket for the obvious misdirection during “The Pandemic”. It created my path to dealing extremely well with Covid-19 and certainly eased my mind once I realized that FEAR, in the form of ‘lies’ and doctored statistics, was a clearly manufactured effort to control our population. 🤔👍😂


I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

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