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Morning Inspiration: Prompt #241~ Making Their Own Changes

Mary Ellen and Isha had remained friends since High School. They were known as the “Dynamic Duo” on their field hockey team. A center forward and right forward respectively. Isha would ‘feed’ the ball to Mary Ellen and she’d score. Their timing was extraordinary. They often wondered if the seasonal scoring record that they had attained had been broken yet.
After 15 years of text correspondence and phone calls, the ladies decided to meet in their old hometown to have a much overdue personal get-together.
As they sat outside of a pub, that they once snuck into as under-aged seniors, they reminisced about their ‘glory days’.
A young lady who overheard them, introduced herself as the current High School Field Hockey captain at their alma mater.
That’s when the conversation got really interesting.
The young lady told the ‘duo’ that the make-up of the team had dramatically changed since, even she, had been a freshman.
Two transgender persons and one identifying as a cat, were on the current roster.

Mary Ellen and Isha weren’t exactly sure how to respond until ‘the senior’ laughed out loud. Her laid-back attitude surprised them by putting them immediately at ease.

She explained that the season for this year had thankfully just ended.

“That woke stuff isn’t going to last, you know. As soon as I graduate, I’m starting my own local “girls only” league. My dad is rich, and my mom is a lawyer. All of the ‘up and coming’ female athletes have vowed not to ‘try out’ at school next year and instead play for us. The only “game” they’re interested in is field hockey.”


I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

9 thoughts on “Morning Inspiration: Prompt #241~ Making Their Own Changes

  1. You’ve masterfully portrayed the deep-rooted friendship between Mary Ellen and Isha, skillfully bringing to life their long-awaited reunion. The conversation between the two friends and the current team captain sheds light on the changing dynamics of their alma mater’s field hockey team, introducing intriguing and thought-provoking elements. You’ve deftly incorporated humor and a relaxed tone, creating an engaging narrative that leaves readers captivated and curious about the future of the “girls-only” league. 👍👏👌😊

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