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Quadrille Monday: A Cruel Reflection

So, I challenge you to take this familiar object and theme—go beyond cliché and write something unique (in 44 words). Mirror, mirrored, mirroring—use some form of the word mirror in your poem.

Peeking over the wooden rail
Moments after we set sail.
A reflected visage made me wail.
Decades are cruel, I confess.

A mirror image I didn’t know.
Lay atop the surface below.
Seeing myself a mighty blow.
When did I become such a mess?!



I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

33 thoughts on “Quadrille Monday: A Cruel Reflection

  1. I know that feeling, Susan! It’s the glance at our reflections in unexpected places that gives us the biggest shock, rather than the deep gaze into the bathroom mirror.

  2. Ah Susan, you made me smile, the self awakening from the daily daydream we live in, we catch ourselves a glimpse of the real, a shock indeed when we are busy living.

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