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Simply 6-Minutes 5/9/23- The Price of Genius

We’re asked to write a story in only 6 minutes.

Today’s prompt is:

Wendall A. Winters’ parents bought him a make-your-own robot kit as an act of self-preservation from their precocious child’s tinkering.
He’d taken apart every electronic appliance in their home since he was 4 years old, and that ‘madness’ needed to be redirected away from their ‘valuables’ to his workshop.
Wendall was named after his great-great grandfather and had taken after the man completely. He was a genius with an ability to build anything and an unsatiable appetite for creativity.
The parent’s brilliant idea -meant to reduce the cost of Wendall’s proclivity -failed miserably when the mailman was severely bitten by his newly-created robotic dog and filed a lawsuit. There was no actual “law” on the books about such an incident, but it was most certainly going to be very costly.


I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

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