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The Garden Dawdler 5/6/23- Not again?

Rory seems to have been hitting the ‘sauce’ this time. here are my answers…

You have awoken to a new day after a restless night filled with strange dreams and have discovered a dead person sitting on your toilet. They are a stranger to you. What do you do?

I’d say, “Not again?!” and put my slippers on to go to my neighbor’s house to use her bathroom like I had to the last time that happened.

Are you a hat-wearing person, and if you are, which style do you favour?

I haven’t worn a hat in years (not even in the winter) BUT I loved wearing them when I was young.
I liked many kinds- cowboy hats, fedoras, and head bands.

Yes, this is me. 😊

How many posts do you create and publish each week to your blog?

It probably averages at least one a day. Lately, it’s been closer to two a day.

How often do you talk to strangers?

Every chance I get. People are interesting and strangers are new frontiers to explore.
I either make a comic connection or irritate them. Both are fun. lol

How many tee shirts do you own?

My whole wardrobe consists of tee shirts and flannel overshirts when it’s chilly. They have an assortment of sayings and/or graphics that are my best tools for getting a rise out of strangers. They are my ice breakers. Yep, I even wear my opinions every day.

Do you or have you ever ironed socks? If so, why?

I’m thrilled when my socks match. Bonus points when they match and have coordinating colors with my outfit. Ironing socks must be for really cool people.

Do you spend too much time online, and would you know if you were spending too much time online?

A few times I’ve felt I had spent too much time online. When that happens, I do a correction and stay off of it for few days.

Does your family or any of your real-life friends read your blog, and perhaps more importantly, do you let them, or do you want them to?

I’m sure a few do. Some have said that they have. Don’t know if they’re regulars or not. If I mention someone in a post, I’ll send them the link. I really don’t care either way. BUT, if someone mentions a post that they enjoyed, it’s an unexpected pleasure to hear.

What do you think the secret is to living a happier life?

Being outdoors a lot and not paying any attention to gossip. I dislike gossip. Funny thing is, I enjoy ‘picking people’s brains’ and talking to strangers, but I have NO interest in their personal lives. That’s not any of my business.
I always say, “Mind your own business and someday you’ll have a business of your own.” lol


I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

9 thoughts on “The Garden Dawdler 5/6/23- Not again?

  1. Beautiful photo of green leaf. Very interesting written it’s. So pretty looking photo.

  2. Enjoyed your responses Susan. My attitude exactly when it comes to strangers and also, sure l love asking questions, but l don’t want to hear the ins and outs in depth of someone’s life 🙂 My life is complicated enough already l don’t need to add anymore layers.

    1. Thanks Rory. I look forward to your questions.
      [An interesting one that I thought of is “If your life had background music like a movie, what musical instrument would you want playing it?” ]
      Feel free to use it. 😉

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