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Share Your World 5/1/2023 – Music, Music, Music

Here are your questions this week:

  1. The First of May is a Bee Gees Song.
    Do you like the Bee Gees and if so, what is your favourite track?
  2. What was the first record (single or album) you bought?
  3. Do you know what was top of the charts the day you were born?
    (You can check it out here source)
  4.  Do you and your partner have a ‘special tune’?

My response to Di.
1. My possibly obscure choice from the Bee Gees is showcased above. Love their sound!

2 The first 45 rpm single record I bought was Satisfaction by the Rolling Stones.

The Rolling Stones did not remain a favorite group of mine. But their influence on Pop Culture when I bought my first record was huge.

3. This song was #3 when I was born. The #1 and #2 are not familiar to me. But this one my mother sang to me.

4. I’d say it’s “Make it with You” by Bread. We had “If” also by Bread sung at our wedding. Just so ya know, we’ll be celebrating our 45th wedding anniversary this July. ❤

BUT, my husband gets misty over Unchained Melody. Is it okay that we identify with different songs? 🤔


I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

7 thoughts on “Share Your World 5/1/2023 – Music, Music, Music

  1. Aw, that song you consider your and your husband’s “special tune” is beautiful. I honestly can’t remember what music we had playing at our wedding – some piece of classical piano music, if I’m correct. It’s totally okay that you have different “special tunes”.

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