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The Sunday Whirl 4/30/23- Extreme Impulse

My heart jumped as a thunderclap followed by multiple lightning flashes crackled just outside of the cabin. It was too late at night to make the climb down the mountain because the storm was imminent.
As I emerged from my relative place of safety on the verge of panic and rushed to bring in firewood, a terrifying thought filled my head.
What if I lose my bearing in the dark? I could die of exposure before I find my way back!
You aren’t helping!”, I shouted at myself.
The mystery of my choice to “go remote” now haunted me. I became sure in that moment I would vow never to bow to impulse again. Especially without a grain of wild outdoor experience.
My running away from him unprepared and unarmed because of a clash over ‘paper or plastic’ probably was a bit extreme.
If I live through the night, I’m going to apologize to that store clerk!


I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

7 thoughts on “The Sunday Whirl 4/30/23- Extreme Impulse

    1. That’s left to the imagination. For me, it probably was a rant about how we’re going to all die soon from climate change because of plastic bags. 🤣

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