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The Garden Dawdler 4/29/23- Call of Duty

This week’s questions from Rory.

What is one of your deepest desires or fantasy?
[Inspired by Fantasy Island]

If you’re familiar with the movie Twister, then you know the character of Aunt Meg.
She lived with her dog and spent much of her time being creative. Her home was always open to her niece and any other young people. They could come to her for a warm meal, a smile, and/or advice. Neither chaos nor solitude seemed to bother Meg. That’s who I’d like to be or who I’d like to be remembered as being. Perhaps, I’ve daydreamed about being in a more remote home than Meg- on a small homestead in the woods- but having a joyful existence as she seemed to have would be everything.

When was the last time you used a pencil to write with?

Not too long ago. There’s one in my ‘go to’ glass of writing utensils. But, while I was open for business in day care, my favorite utensil was a crayon. lol

How tired are you daily, or do you get sufficient sleep to feel refreshed daily?

I’m a good sleeper. Even nighttime interruptions don’t keep me up. BUT I require that sleep.
If I burn the candle too long on each end of the day, I will get sick. Sleep is more like a bank account than a restaurant. If you’re hungry, you can load up and get back to living. Sleep is a savings account for me. I owe a debt if I get less than 8 hours and I make sure to catch up on it, or else.
Not so for my husband. I realize it’s different for everyone.

How quick are you at making significant vital decisions?

On BIG decisions, I’m pretty quick. This is because I am a “plan of escape” person. IMHO…People who fail to have a plan for a worst-case scenario waste valuable time while those who plan are more ‘at the ready’. Not every vital decision needs to be made quickly and deserves a lot of thought. The one’s that require you to be ‘quick’ are usually concerned with safety IMHO.
When you enter a new city while on vacation, do you watch for the signs that show the route to the hospital? I do. 😉

Do you use a brush or a comb with your hair or never do that and have a more natural look?

A brush and rarely look in the mirror so I am somewhat neat AND natural.

How many true friendships do you think you need?

I have several friends who mean different things to me. I love them dearly, but I don’t feel I need them. They are like bacon… absolutely they make my life more delicious and delightful, but I wouldn’t starve without them. My family, on the other hand, is my oxygen.

How good is your memory, and how far back in your life can you go to remember moments with clarity?

I have an excellent memory. Most of my most vivid ones start around the age of 4-years-old.

How do you keep yourself optimistic day to day?

I laugh at almost everything. Humor is the best medicine and IMHO sarcasm works well too.

When did you last wander freely out and about with no set destination instead of walking purposefully? [A stroll with no clear A – B parameters]

It’s been a very long time. Certainly, before I became a mother, and on that day, my life became a part of someone else’s life. The enchantment of a goal of having the freedom to have only a personal path to wander aimlessly along, is a trap. It will not enrich you like a life of service, purpose, and demands. ❤

(I know Rory wanted to know about an afternoon stroll but even then, I would feel a limit to my wandering because of my perceived duties to others.)


I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

9 thoughts on “The Garden Dawdler 4/29/23- Call of Duty

  1. Excellent and interesting answers all Susan, a well rounded read indeed 🙂

    I agree with friends like bacon. Sleep was a good round up too 🙂

    I am the same, everything most assuredly at some point is worthy of a laugh 🙂

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