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RDP Sunday: succession-To Raze or Renovate

Succession depends upon what’s come before,
So why isn’t our history the focus anymore?
To understand now, we must learn from what’s passed.
Good foundations are needed for all things to last.
If you’re bothered by problems that have come to be,
It’s best to know what may have caused them, you see.
Nothing ‘pops up’ or takes root simply ‘out of thin air’.
Don’t just complain or destroy pretending to care.
It’s harder to renovate than it is to raze.
Seems the lazier people are the loudest these days.


I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

5 thoughts on “RDP Sunday: succession-To Raze or Renovate

  1. Amazing recommend the renovation pic for write words in poem.
    But I will no understand second photo. What’s did they?

    1. There were rioting youths who decided to erase our historical statues by tearing them down. They have been taught that historical events were “bad” so they try to erase history instead of learning about it. Thanks for asking. 😊

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