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Ragtag Daily Prompt 4/20/23-Imbricate Decisions

The prompt for today is Imbricate.

Willy had yet to make a simple decision. At 5-years-old, he was standing frozen at the counter in front of ice cream choices once again.
He was a precocious child who asked endless questions while turning everything over, and over, and over, in his mind.
His parents found themselves often frustrated with Willy. His deep consideration of everyday imbricate choices seemed to over complicate every outing interrupting their casual family flow. Willy inevitably was blamed for stealing their fun with his constant indecisions.

Willy would later become a below average student never fitting in because of his tendency to fail miserably at multiple choice tests. The layers of meanings in words and phrases added many extra choices for his brilliant mind to discern which slowed his decision making on ‘timed’ testing. Often, he’d argue the merit of a “wrong” choice and would be given credit, but the obstacles of standardized thought were real.

Today, Willy has found his niche working beside Elon Musk on our future. Musk didn’t care about Willy’s public-school resume because he knows genius when he sees it.


I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

6 thoughts on “Ragtag Daily Prompt 4/20/23-Imbricate Decisions

    1. All public schooling was developed to create compliant workers not free, creative, thinkers. We’re starting to reap the consequences now. Thank-you, Lou.

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