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RDP Prompt 4/19/23-Flippant Funeral

The word for today is FLIPPANT.

Dennis had passed away. He hadn’t been known for anything substantial but had been a fixture in the city, just the same.
He had been homeless for the last decade but adamantly refused any charity including regular baths or clean clothes.
Dennis was quite unkempt to say the least. Long tangled hair, ratty clothes, and rotted teeth defined him.

He’d panhandle on the same corner every day and greeted people with a tip of his stained baseball cap shouting a “Welcome to our fair city!” adding a humorous, “Look what it’s done for me.”. Somehow, people found him clever and endearing.

Because of that, the locals created a fund to get Dennis a ‘proper’ burial.

People audibly gasped as they filed past Dennis at the memorial. He was clean shaven, well dressed, and had a $100.00 haircut making him look 20 years younger and not at all like himself!

When it was our turn to view the body, I heard my wife whisper, “He looks wonderful!” and couldn’t help but add, “Yeah, I can’t wait until I croak so I can get an expensive make-over like that.”

My wife frowned and grabbed my arm, “Why must you always be so flippant? Show some respect for a change!”

“I cannot imagine Dennis being happy with all this. None of this fuss is for him ‘cuz it’s everything he hated.”

My wife didn’t buy it and said, “Look he’s wearing a smile too.”

“That’s probably because now he’ll be registered to vote for the first time.”

I need a place to stay for a few days. Anyone have a couch available?


I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

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