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RDP Tuesday- 4/18/23-Nothing Works Like a Promise

The Ragtag Daily Prompt for today is nothing.

Nothing invigorates me like a good discussion. Today did not disappoint.
It evolved into “What is capitalism?” and whether it still existed.
Like the definition of “What is a woman?”, the definition of “What is capitalism?” is quite simple. Only those ‘schooled’ to conflate it with all the waste and power that’s unabated at the present time, seem to have a hard time.
Capitalism aka Free Markets can be very simply defined.
It is a marketing philosophy that’s dependent upon consumer power and preferences and accountable to the will of the people.
My claim that it no longer exists because of government control of, and interference with, free markets was not received well by a fellow blogger who thought that being wealthy from personal risk and innovation was unethical.

It was just revealed to me that she’s a “socialist”.
Well, that explains a lot.
She believes ‘humanity’ belongs to, and is supported by, unaccountable powerful people who use the wealth that others have earned to bring a ‘promise’ to the masses. I’ve heard that story before.
Never mind.


I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

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