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My Vivid Memories-Creating Artists – 4/17/23

Through my childcare years, I had a special mission. It was clear to me that children are natural, instinctive, artists. I wanted to keep that alive in my day care friends.
We never used coloring books and I just made many kinds of art supplies available. As an artist, myself, I gave them instruction on composition, style, and lighting in their paintings.
We even put on an Art Show in my front yard once. I wanted them to have the whole experience. Public schools (during my time there) didn’t take art seriously IMHO. It seemed to actually interfere with the innate creativity every child has. I wanted MY kids to bloom and embrace a confident, personal, approach to creating art that they’d never forget.
I’m just going to load this post with photos of the Art Show but also many creative moments we all had. Enjoy!

First a slideshow of our Art Show followed by a stacked gallery of some really cool masterpieces!


I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

9 thoughts on “My Vivid Memories-Creating Artists – 4/17/23

    1. Their natural ability and eagerness to ‘just do it’ made them excellent students. Sometimes I think adults underestimate kids. Thanks for commenting!

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