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Three Line Tales- 4/14/23 My Pets

Welcome to this week’s Three Line Tales everybody. Sorry for the delay, I messed up the scheduling again. Here’s your photo prompt:

The spider crept from beneath the base of the overhead light fixture expecting to observe her pet (that she’d named Buzz) but found that it was not in the office for a third day in a row.
She’d expected much more exciting knowledge on the giant creatures inhabiting her abode when Buzz seemed to have taken up a more interesting hobby than his usual sitting and staring at leafy white pieces of trees.
The new colorful tools sat at the ready and unused again and she resigned herself to Buzz never coming back so she needed to find a new hobby of her own and slipped back through the rafters to observe the far more interesting squirrel who was living in the attic.


I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

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