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One-liner Wednesday- 4/12/23 Cruel Joke

I’ve puzzled over why life seemed so much better 50 years ago and have come to the conclusion that the ‘normal’ behavior of free people has now become criminalized while ‘criminal’ behavior has become normalized. ~ sillyfrog


I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

12 thoughts on “One-liner Wednesday- 4/12/23 Cruel Joke

  1. It does seem that there are a zillion new laws and rules, but people are getting crummier than ever. Or! Is this they way everyone our age has always felt? 😂

    1. That’s the problem with thoughtful people like you and me, we hesitate to draw conclusions even when we know something is true. We’re more easily gaslighted because of that.
      I don’t believe for a moment that people are overall “crummier”. Society has become convinced that ‘crummy’ behavior isn’t the individual’s fault, but instead, those who refuse to accept it as the ‘norm’ are labeled the intolerant and cruel people. The ‘bad guys’ are merely victims of the ‘good guys’ who point out their bad behavior. Dystopian societies are easily convinced to accept government intervention… and, that’s the story of every totalitarian take over that ever was. [THE END]

      1. I know that it’s a most common timeless occurrence. You are absolutely correct!
        It served a good purpose by interrupting speedy, reckless and impatient, societal changes that often bring unforeseen troubles. That check and balance worked well for society since the beginning (as incremental change is more acceptable and lasting) But it feels different now that, once respected, elder conservative voices have been replaced by those of celebrities and “experts”. It’s a free for all now and forced dramatic change never ends well. History can attest to that.

  2. Normally, it should have been an ironical remark but alas!… just like Satire has become normal statement and normal ones become satires. Thanks for sharing.

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