12 thoughts on “Meme of the Week- 4/10/23

    1. A delightful post! I also believe that “shush” sounded like an animal retort enough to confuse the pup. Your lack of fear also helped. I too have much success with dogs simply because they don’t scare me. 😉
      Thank-you for sharing, Di!

      1. You’re welcome Susan. Dogs don’t faze me, but I like to think I can tell the difference between an excited ‘play with me’ bark and a’ I’m going to bite you’ one!

      2. People who understand dog body language are rarely bitten. It’s unfortunately children and ignorant people who are. Not very often the dog’s fault. 😉

      3. Exactly. We encourage people to say hello to Maya, but on our terms, and if it’s a child, we clear it with the parent first and stop the child from charging to hug her. It works and everyone’s smiling, even Maya bless her.

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