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Let’s Write a Legend-Whispers in the Dark

Prince Donahue had ascended to the thrown at the age of 15. His father’s death from a sudden illness remained a mystery.
Many suspected ‘foul play’ but did not dare even to whisper those thoughts even when the former king’s most loyal guards met the same sudden tragic fate.
King Donahue the Magnificent’s first command was to construct a covered walkway entrance to the heart of his kingdom. Its purpose meant to serve as a bottleneck used to apprehend and filter out any dissidents who might threaten his power. In order to leave his beautifully landscaped castle’s view pristine, he instructed the timbers to be drawn from the enchanted forest at the edge of his kingdom. And so, the obedient peasants did as they were told. Countless succumbed to dark forces encountered there but the king’s wishes were satisfied in the end.
For years people avoided the walkway after dark especially during the phase of the New Moon. Too many unsuspecting travelers had raced into the square after passing through the structure with wild eyes telling tales of deafening whispers assaulting them from within. A few even dropped dead where they stood from such an overwhelming fright.
By age 30, King Donahue, who had ruled with a ruthless hand had a son whom he also treated with cold uncaring disdain. Donahue’s heavy taxation of the people had put them all near starvation. Death sentences for those overheard complaining about it had become frequent too. But to convince his guards of a treasonous revolt would be impossible, so the people got word to a child named Legend for help.
Donahue’s son, Legend, had inherited his grandfather’s grace and intelligence and was just starting to become a threat to his father. The people openly loved the 11-year-old and there was little doubt that they were anxiously awaiting his rise to the throne.
Legend decided to wait for the New Moon and experience the enchanted voices in the walkway. He wisely suspected that the voices just needed to be heard.
As it came to pass, Legend slipped away on the next darkest night and entered the haunted walkway. It wasn’t long before he was assaulted by a cacophony of whispers. He kept his head and dropped to his knees while covering his ears. In only minutes, the whispering subsided and upon rising to his feet, one lone voice spoke from the pitch blackness. It claimed to be his own grandfather.
Legend then was told to find a pouch of powder his father kept locked away with his gold.
“Grandfather, what shall I do with the powder?”
“Dear Grandson, add some to your father’s supper wine, as he did once to me, and you shall be king.”
So, the child did as he was told.
Donahue died three days later, and Legend became king reigning over an era of peace and prosperity.
To this day, those who pass through the walkway, claim to hear comforting, angelic, whispers on the darkest nights emanating from the timbers.
“Glory to Legend. Glory to Justice. Glory to Peace.”


I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

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