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The Unicorn Challenge-3/31/23 Foolish Fraud

The ladder positioned as the perfect intruder entry point, might have fooled a freshman detective but Clancy recognized it as a prop right away from his usual gut reaction.
The alleged jewel thief’s path through the house, at first seemed to end at a busted-out window on the ground floor which was the most obvious first guess as his exit and escape point. The victim of the crime reported it happening while he was away overnight and that checked out but there was broken glass at the bottom of the ladder. Apparently, the wealthy homeowner who called to report a burglary wasn’t exceptionally bright. His phone records revealed a call to the police and minutes later a call to his insurance company. If the thief had entered through the alley using the ladder, then exited on the other side of the house, why would broken glass be on the ladder rungs and sidewalk?

After a forensic test proved the glass on the ladder rungs matched the ground floor window that had been busted-out from the inside, the man was arrested for making a false police report and insurance fraud.


I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

16 thoughts on “The Unicorn Challenge-3/31/23 Foolish Fraud

  1. Excellent police procedural post.

    Your take on the photo is… whatever the cool word in rhetoric is for, ‘engaging the prompt, both reinforcing the other’, to the benefit of the Reader.

  2. An great take on the prompt, Susan. I enjoyed you story and laughed at how the ‘mighty’ fell at the end. Thanks afor taking part and see you again next week? hope so.

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