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d’Verse Haibun Monday 3/27/23- Waking Up

Write a haibun that alludes to pressure.

The time is approaching quickly when my husband and I will take the first trip of the year to our forest camp. With fingers crossed we’ll ride anxiously to our happy place in the woods. Our annual jitters will be a mixture of excitement and apprehension over what we may find there as the winter weather pressures on our structures have on occasion caused some damage in the past. No doubt the quaint forest landscape will just be awakening and will be suffering from a case of ‘bed head’ from its tumultuous hibernation.
Clearing fallen branches (possibly trees), restacking stonewalls, and raking rotted leaves will be our first order of business. Meanwhile the earliest ferns and wildflowers will secretly rejoice from our efforts.
Only in a week or two, they’ll most certainly be greeting us in our arrivals donning their new Spring attire.

Spring sprouts nudged by warmth,
Frozen earth gently softens.
“Wake up and get dressed!”


I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

15 thoughts on “d’Verse Haibun Monday 3/27/23- Waking Up

      1. That’s heartwarming to hear! In northwestern Massachusetts and eastern New York State, Spring takes its sweet time. The upside of that is the joy found in the small clues it provides as it creeps in rather than the ‘leap’ Southerners see.

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