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The Sunday Whirl #598- Unforgivable


The reporting of conspiracy theory scandals was incessant during that world-wide pandemic. The truth had very little to do with anything at a time when a numb public predicably enjoyed many rushes to its own fearful conclusions. After all, our Media whispers layers of gossip in the eager ears of the most vulnerable all of the time in an undeserved tone of ‘moral’ authority. Those who resisted apparent spiral logic became bone-weary from trying to explain evidence that, to most, was just tightly kept secrets made possible by government censorship of free speech. The ruffled feathers of powerful forces directing the raw dishonesty produced scars from weighty consequences they imposed on those ‘non-compliant’ types. It was they who remained undaunted in their pursuit of truthful information that were damaged most while trying to find it. Incremental recent vindication may offer them some small ‘healing‘ but is it all just too late?


I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

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