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My Vivid Memories: Star Trek

It’s becoming evident to me that I have a vivid memory of many events in my life. Are they accurrate? I don’t know.
They are based upon my feelings and mental pictures associated with certain moments.
I’ve tested those that I could and found that the people and places were real. I also know my feelings about them are strong and unchanging too. So however I interpreted an event, I can often figure out that it actually happened by investigating the time period with other clues like naming the people involved even small things like their pet’s name or describing the buildings.

With that said, I want to describe some of MY moments to document them in my blog. I’m able to trigger other family members to recall some events just by my detailed descriptions on occasion but sometimes they think I’m just making it up. I’ve come to trust my memory more than theirs because their inability to remember things isn’t any kind of conclusive evidence that they never happened.

I saw the following post about a Star Trek episode this morning. I loved the ‘out of this world’ ideas in Star Trek even as a child.
I remember sitting on a neighbor’s couch watching the episode and enjoying it. I was eleven and my parents were friends-as a couple-with the neighbors. Their name was Jensen. The adults were in the kitchen making small talk. The neighbor’s son, Steve, was being distractive and goofy, and I was watching this very episode at his house on his TV. I don’t recall if my siblings were there, but they probably were.
It’s not that the memory is something worth telling, it’s the vivid aspect of it. All of it surrounding, and brought back, by this episode of Star Trek which I was thoroughly involved with when it aired in 1967. I had tuned out my surroundings and focused fully on it. Pun intended, I was transported back to being eleven years old and I can “see” the characters on the TV.
Recalling the event has been a surprising delight. Right down to the butterflies in my stomach over the story which I found ‘fascinating’!
I assumed for years that everyone saw numerically sequenced displays in 3D maps in their heads and around them because I did. But over the course of my life, I couldn’t find others who knew what I was talking about. At 60 years old, I discovered that I have Spatial Sequence Synthesesia. I’ve made other posts on the topic.
Now, I’m trying to figure out if other people have detailed vivid memories like I described because my family gives me the same odd looks when I bring them up as they did when I once talked about ‘seeing’ numbers.
The link to the post that ‘triggered’ my memory is below. It’s not important unless you’re a Star Trek fan. I just wanted to document it for my granddaughters’ sake.
Let me know if you have such vivid memories.
I’ll be starting a new category to document some of my own as part of my blogging journal.
Happy Sunday!


I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

13 thoughts on “My Vivid Memories: Star Trek

  1. I remember the above episode too……….. the creature ‘No Kill I’ and it ended up providing the tunnels for the planets inhabitants. Loved the original series. She banter between Spock and Bones was great and enhanced in the movies.
    Happy memories Susan.

      1. I enjoy when Kirk pawns the antique spectacles that Bones gave him for his birthday and Bones says, “Those were my gift to you.” and Kirk answers, “And they will be again. That’s the beauty of it.”.

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