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Simply 6-Minutes-3/21/23 Baby Onboard

Today’s photo prompt below:

Greek had taken over the family “baby delivering business” when his dad, Spartan, retired. He was inexperienced and when thrust into the consumer world, he found out immediately that dealing with the public was a mostly thankless experience.
Greek’s business floundered after numerous poor reviews mounted over extremely short delivery delays. His elderly father’s feathers were even more ruffled than his own by the nit-picking level of customer complaints, so he called on an old buddy, Roman, who had been quite the innovator in his day.
Roman found nothing wrong with Greek’s management but thought the company needed better advertising. When an impromptu photoshoot offered an accidental image for their rebranding, they knew they’d found the perfect image and new hook line!
“Even if Trojans let you down, Greek jets you your surprise package.”


I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

12 thoughts on “Simply 6-Minutes-3/21/23 Baby Onboard

  1. Ah, I like it! I actually just applied for a copyediting job with a travel company. I don’t know exactly what the job entails or if I will even get an interview but it goes along with your new branding! Lol

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