11 thoughts on “Meme of the Week- 3/13/23

  1. I grew up with both cats and dogs. There is something to be learned from both. Here is an example.

    Cats don’t have much affection to give, but they enjoy being the object of affection. They are people like that.

    Dogs also enjoy being the object of affection, but they are also eager to please. That is what makes dogs more popular. We

    1. Well, I’ve known many, many, exceptions to that viewpoint but many, many, people seem to have the same impression. I don’t agree.
      Dogs are wonderfully loyal and loving but quite “needy”. I have had many and DEEPLY loved them.
      Cats need companionship as much as dogs. I recommend everyone who has room for one to get two. Cats are independent in their behavior and the ones I’ve had (many) were every bit as affectionate (and protective) as my dogs. I admire that aloof independence. I just don’t think comparing them is any more fair
      Than comparing ones’ children to each other. 😉❤ thanks for commenting!

    1. Mine used to chase the dog on my behalf when he knew I was mad at the dog. I had to be careful not to scold the dog or the cat would get involved.🤣 They’re more complicated than people realize.

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