Sunday Poser #122 Get a Hobby and Leave Me Alone

“We shouldn’t have to!” is my immediate response.

What we do, as long as it’s legal is our own business. But as new laws are constantly being created, (That’s what legislatures seem to feel is their non-stop goal.) there isn’t going to be much that IS legal soon.

Civil disobedience is the only ethical approach to too many laws, I’m afraid.

But there are definitely people in my life who can’t seem to avoid offering their “two cents” on what I do and it’s annoying. What happened to hobbies and volunteer work?

On the other hand, I will defend what I say until it becomes clear that I’m wrong or that the other person simply doesn’t understand what I’m saying. Opinions are all we have many times. If you can articulate the thoughts and experiences you used in creating your opinion, go for it. We might learn something important. But if you have an opinion, express it, and can’t or won’t defend it, you’re just wasting everyone’s’ time and trying their patience. I refer you to the ‘getting a hobby’ suggestion above.

7 thoughts on “Sunday Poser #122 Get a Hobby and Leave Me Alone

  1. Agreed! It is important to express ourselves. And people should mind their own business about what you or I or anyone else does! As long as it isn’t harming anyone who cares!

  2. The basic issue is that thing about God-given rights mentioned in the Declaration of Independence. If we are not harming our neighbors or our self, what we do isn’t anyone’s business. So, why would anyone else make it their business to tell us what we can and cannot do.
    1. Lots of people think governments gives us our rights. That effectively means the government owns us. Even a tyranny of the majority is tyranny.
    2. Politicians get their power by taxing and spending our money AND by forcing us to do business with their cronies.
    3. “Do-gooders” feel validated when they force their neighbors to obey their will. That kind of “do-gooder” does a lot of harm. This is where the welfare state is coming from, and such arrogance is the origin of all tyrannies. When a people are led by a tyrant, they have no one to blame except themselves. Tyrants have power because we insist upon using the power of the state to force our neighbors to do something that as individuals we have no right to demand.

    One of most dangerous phrases is “there ought to be a law.”

    1. So well put. There’s another sad category of people who feel justified in imposing their will on others. Those are the self-loathing aggrieved. They are the so called “victimhood” class. Several forces produced them. Lack of traditional family and faith, self-centered youth raised that way, corrupt societal trends, and the marxists who use ’emotionally needy’ people. Their effort to increase the number of people dependent on government. So many morally bankrupt people want to tear ‘good people’ down in order to not feel alone, or as wrong, in their misery. Thank-you, sir. 😊

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